Social Media and Smartphone Facts: Review of Why Men Look For Business & Love While Women Seek Games & Knowledge


Social media and mobile use give us a treasure hoard of insights about our general habits as a community. So it’s only inevitable that we find numerous surveys and reviews about the two platforms based on one of the most popular categories: gender difference. These converging platforms are considered to be one of the biggest disruptive trends, as trivial as changing society’s shopping habits and critical as changing government through popular revolutions. And as in real life, men and women differ in using social media and their mobile devices.

We’re already familiar with the disparity in words used by both sexes. We have a review of comprehensive collation of words used by men and women in their social networks, which, interestingly, showcases the f-word as one of the favorites in men’s comments and posts.

Likewise, research shown in our previous infographic how women dominate men in social media; this time, we want to dig deeper using the recent studies on social media and mobile use by Pew and Nielsen, among others.

According to our best software reviews the gender difference revolves around three distinct areas: our personal and professional relationships, the need for information and entertainment, and consumer behavior. On that note, we prepared this infographic based on those parameters for a broader customer review of how men and women differ. There are distinct variances. For instance, men are more likely to use social media for business and dating, while women for relationships, sharing, entertainment, knowledge and self-help.

Surprisingly, women ignore paid advertising more often than men. This makes sense because women in general are more conscious of their social circle and ads are intrusive strangers. Moreover, women seem to use their smartphones in more ways than men. Here’s a mini-shocker: women are gaming on their smartphones 10% more often than men. In fact, women dominate men in almost all the top smartphone activities, such as, visit websites, download apps (surprise!), messaging, text, and camera use.


  • 38% of women play games on their smartphones and they outnumber men by 10%! [Tweet This]
  • 13% of men use social media for dating in comparison to only 7% of women. [Tweet This]
  • 71% of women on Facebook are willing to ‘like’ a brand for deals. Only 18% of men do that. [Tweet This]



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3 thoughts on “Social Media and Smartphone Facts: Review of Why Men Look For Business & Love While Women Seek Games & Knowledge”

  1. bryansmith says:

    The ones who’ll be most interested in this are the marketers and social networks. They’ll squeeze out private data out of us to make profits.

  2. kolin5 says:

    The fact about women playing smartphone games more often can be explained by the fact that more women own smartphones.I think also because men prefer higher-definition, more realistic action-packed games that are console attributes. Smartphone games are simple and, really, candy-flavored. just my two-cents.

  3. jcdevera says:

    Men use online dating more often, that we know for sure. Since the comparative data is not even–women use date sites a lot less–that leaves men in tight competition for a woman’s attention. It’s a battle for survival for these poor guys. Love the infographic btw.

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