ProntoForms Review

Our score: 9.4 User satisfaction: 96%

What is ProntoForms?

ProntoForms is a platform that automates mobile workflows and makes it easy for remote workers to collect data on mobile devices, access company data in the field, and then automatically share the results with back-office systems, cloud services, and people. In such a way, ProntoForms helps companies track, analyze, and continuously improve their processes, and turn outcomes into operable material for better future decisions.

At the moment, ProntoForms is used by more than 3,500 businesses that enjoy an intuitive, secure and scalable solution for mobilizing business processes and benefit from a low total cost of ownership. Users get to choose between two reasonably priced plans (Pro and Enterprise), depending on whether they’re interested in basic reporting or obtaining a fully-featured analytic suite, and get to integrate the system with a variety of tools regardless of the package they’ve chosen.

How exactly does ProntoForms boost the productivity of your business? To start with, it increases the efficiency of your field operations, automating tasks through powerful data access, collection, and company-wide delivery. It further automates core business activities and operations as it connects data seamlessly across different platforms, cloud sources, or people in the team. The core value of the system is nevertheless its ability to track and measure the effects of your field operations, and turning those into actionable numbers that optimize business performance. According to satisfied users, the full business visibility provided by this system saves up to 50% of agents’ time, and just as much of the usual expenses related to errors and guesstimating.

Overview of ProntoForms Benefits

Observing ProntoForms’ unique feature suite, one could easily conclude that the platform empowers companies to increase productivity, improve service quality, and achieve full compliance, but it takes a detailed overview of the system to understand how to make the most of its value. To start with, one needs to familiarize with the three main components of ProntoForms, and the benefits guaranteed by each of them:

The Mobile Forms App

This component is triggered to automate core business tasks and operations through powerful data access, collection, and timely delivery. It is dedicated to field agents looking to optimize their performance, as it gives them the tools and real-time insights needed to improve the efficiency of their work.

Integrations & Workflows

Thanks to the seamless data connections between different systems, cloud sources, and databases, ProntoForms makes it possible to route data successfully, configure mobile forms and workflows in the desired way, and automate transfer from one agent to the other. This is also a valuable collaboration module that helps even the most decentralized teams exchange information, and stay connected, regardless of their role in a particular project.

Analytics & Reporting

As ProntoForms intends to optimize the value of your data and turn it into operable material, it is fully equipped with analytic and reporting tools. You can use it to track and manage field operations, and optimize business performance, but also avoid expensive mistakes. In fact, ProntoForms reveals all valuable patterns, meaningful correlations, and the cause of all critical issues that need your attention.

The company also provides configurable solutions to meet the needs of every user, including Inspections & Audit, Installation & Maintenance, and Asset Management.

Inspections & Audit

This solution allows you to route inspection data to all relevant recipients and systems, either in the form of custom inputs or official documents. The system performs data-rich inspections and audits, and monitors the progress of analytic dashboards and reports against SLAs and other standards and regulations, saving businesses an incredible amount of time. The solution is suitable for quality & safety officers, business executives, inspectors, supervisors, and team leaders.

Installation & Maintenance

In this case, mobile forms help dispatch and route job data for processing, including customers, locations and tasks. The platform makes it possible to complete pre-filled forms with well-structured and rich data, among which are tables, GPS and time stamps, signatures, sketches, and much more. A variety of dashboards and reports are also available to monitor and control field performance. The suite is ideal for service and accounting managers, technicians, safety officers, and business executives.

Asset Management

Service officials and managers can apply this solution to assess job task history, monitor performance, and take immediate remedial actions. The platform delivers valuable insights that help depict and monitor patterns and trends, uncover the root causes of problems and slowdowns, and correct those. For business executives, the solution helps drive asset availability, maximize lifespan utilization, and lower their total costs.

Users looking to expand the capability of the platform and fulfill specific vertical-industry needs can also contact support and obtain a personalized solution at a special price.

Overview of ProntoForms Features

Mobile Forms App features
  • Offline work mode
  • Market-leading data input options
  • Native OS user interface (iOS, Android, Windows 10)
  • In-app branding and customization
  • Sections / Repeatable sections / Conditional sections
  • Conditional logic
  • Auto-populate forms with data from cloud or back-office systems
  • Data source filter and search
  • Rich Photo/Sketch: multiple images, drawing tools, zoom-in/out, thumbnail summary, picture quality/size, stamp form data on images
  • Date/time/duration controls & calculations
  • Barcode & QR code scanning
  • Click-to-Call, Click-to-SMS, Click-to-Email, Click-to-Web, Click-to-PTT, contact directory
  • Form Summary (with share/print options)
Integrations & Workflow features
  • Out-of-the-box support for numerous cloud services and back-office systems
  • Business document output support: PDF, MS Word, HTML, plain text, calendar event (iCal), business card (vCard)
  • Customizable data file output support: CSV, JSON, XML, plain text
  • Dispatching: via API, via Portal, bulk dispatch, image dispatching
  • Custom Filters on data destinations/integrations
  • Dispatch destination (Mobile to Mobile workflows)
  • SMS notifications
  • Form to email
Analytics & Reporting features
  • Data Output options: PDF, Word, CSV, HTML, XML, JSON, Business Card, Event invitation, Custom DREL
  • Data record listing & filtering
  • Form submission charts (via web-portal)
  • Online viewing of PDFs
  • Visual mapping of data record submission locations
  • Custom PDF/Word document output formatting (fee applies)
  • Unlimited analytics data storage
  • Data export (manual or scheduled)
  • Data export filters
  • Advanced Analytics – Data management service
  • Advanced Analytics – Interactive dashboards and reports access
  • Advanced Analytics – Scheduled reports pushed via email
  • Advanced Analytics – Report authoring
  • Advanced Analytics – Dashboard authoring

What Problems Will ProntoForms Solve?

Scenario 1

A company that manages the flow of information between its field service teams and office staff using paper-based processes faces many problems: paper forms often suffer from illegible handwriting, typos, fields left blank, and the paper can become misplaced in transit or lost. Manually transcribing and processing data recorded on paper is a time-consuming, costly, and error-prone process. There’s no easy way to add images. You can’t add GPS locations or time stamps. And, finally, the inherent delays in transporting paper copies back and forth could lead to costly breaches of established Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and could negatively impact the company’s brand.

A mobile solution operates in real-time, requires no separate data entry, and makes it easy for field workers to embed rich media, locations, and timestamps in their reports. Forms linked to corporate back-end systems can auto-populate fields like name, address, and phone number. Mobile forms can pull data from back-office systems and offer easy-to-pick and always-up-to-date items in dropdown lists, improving accuracy and saving time in the field. And once the fieldworker submits a report, the data is automatically uploaded to back-office systems for further processing,

Scenario 2

Should a safety inspector notice a serious safety issue with, for instance, a piece of equipment, a construction site, or a facility housing hazardous materials, it’s crucial that relevant information is shared as quickly as possible with a number of different stakeholders. Depending on the scenario, these can include an immediate supervisor, Safety Officer, VP of Operations, Quality Officer, Facility Manager, regulatory bodies, customers, suppliers and more. Using manual methods like hard copy inspection forms and phone calls or emails, the process can take hours, days, or weeks to resolve. The context-sensitive, workflow capabilities in ProntoForms can dramatically reduce the risk of accidents or injury by automating many of the steps involved in real-time. For instance, a safety inspection that results in a PASS score can simply be sent as a PDF to a cloud service for storage; whereas a safety inspection that results in a FAIL score can not only automatically trigger notifications via SMS and email to a pre-set distribution list, the solution can also dispatch additional work orders to other field techs for immediate remedial action.

Scenario 3

Audits can be time-consuming and potentially very costly events for any business. If you rely on paper copies to track your inspections, equipment logs, and other business processes, you likely have to spend days or weeks searching through file cabinets and even warehouses full of boxes to find what you’re looking for. If your company experiences some sort of accident, and you can’t prove that you followed safety regulations, you might find yourself in real trouble, facing steep fines or even criminal charges.

A mobile solution makes it much easier to prove compliance. All forms, e.g., safety inspections, vehicle inspections, and much more, can be automatically updated to cloud services in a wide variety of formats, including PDF, HTML, Word, etc. File names can be based on any data captured in the form, which means that each file name can include the date, time, location, name of submitter, name of client, over-all safety score, and a dozen other criteria.

Awards & Quality Certificates

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies
An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies
This award is given only to top B2B products and represents the highest possible level of service. It highlights the vendor’s extensive knowledge of the industry they’re selling to and the needs of their customers.

ProntoForms Position In Our Categories

Since companies have unique business demands, it is practical they avoid choosing a one-size-fits-all, “perfect” software solution. At any rate, it would be futile to chance on such application even among branded software systems. The correct step to do can be to spell out the numerous key factors which merit inspection like important features, price terms, technical skill aptitude of staff members, organizational size, etc. Then, you must conduct your product research through and through. Go over some of these ProntoForms reviews and explore each of the software solutions in your list more closely. Such well-rounded product research guarantees you steer clear of poorly fit software products and select the system that has all the features your business requires to achieve growth.

Position of ProntoForms in our main categories:


ProntoForms is the top Forms Automation Software solution

TOP 50

ProntoForms is one of the 50 Project Management Software products

ProntoForms is also listed in the following subcategories:

Every company has different wants and needs a software that can be customized for their size, kind of workers and clients, and the specific industry they are in. For these reasons, no system can proffer perfect features off-the-shelf. When you search a software product, first be sure what you need it for. Read some ProntoForms Forms Automation Software reviews and ask yourself do you need basic tools or do you want sophisticated functionality? Are there any industry-specific tools that you are looking for? Find the answers to these queries to help your search. There are plenty of factors that you need to reflect on and these include your budget, specific business requirements, your company size, integration needs etc. Take your time, check out a few free trials, and finally zero in on the app that offers all that you want to improve your firm competence and productivity.

How Much Does ProntoForms Cost?

ProntoForms Pricing Plans:

Free Trial






Contact vendor

Available plans:


Essentials – $15/user/month

  • Advanced data collection
  • Simple business logic
  • Simple outputs and integrations
  • Multi-platform
  • Offline functionality

Advanced – $45/user/month

  • Advanced conditional logic
  • Advanced integrations
  • Advanced outputs
  • Multi-depths, higher usage limits


– Request a quote

  • Single sign-on & advanced security
  • Advanced input controls
  • Advanced form management
  • Unrestricted usage

*Each user represents a ProntoForms activated mobile device. Monthly subscription price based on annual contract.

User Satisfaction

Positive Social Media Mentions 44
Negative Social Media Mentions 2

We realize that when you make a decision to buy Forms Automation Software it’s important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also to find out if the real people and companies that buy it are actually satisfied with the product. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers customer reviews, comments and ProntoForms reviews across a wide range of social media sites. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with ProntoForms. With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.


Technical details

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • Windows Mobile


  • Cloud Hosted
  • Open API

Language Support

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • French

Pricing Model

  • Monthly payment
  • Annual Subscription

Customer Types

  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business

What Support Does This Vendor Offer?

  • email
  • phone
  • live support
  • training
  • tickets

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What are ProntoForms pricing details?

ProntoForms Pricing Plans:

Free Trial






Contact vendor

Available plans:


Essentials – $15/user/month

  • Advanced data collection
  • Simple business logic
  • Simple outputs and integrations
  • Multi-platform
  • Offline functionality

Advanced – $45/user/month

  • Advanced conditional logic
  • Advanced integrations
  • Advanced outputs
  • Multi-depths, higher usage limits


– Request a quote

  • Single sign-on & advanced security
  • Advanced input controls
  • Advanced form management
  • Unrestricted usage

*Each user represents a ProntoForms activated mobile device. Monthly subscription price based on annual contract.

What integrations are available for ProntoForms?

ProntoForms integrates with a variety of business systems and applications: Pre-Built Enterprise Integrations:

  • FTP
  • HTTP File Upload
  • Template-Driven HTTP
  • WebDav
  • Sharepoint

Pre-Built Cloud Integrations:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • ShareFile
  • Geotab
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Cloud Print
  • Google Contact
  • Google Drive
  • QuickBooks Online
  • SalesForce
  • ServiceMax
  • Sharepoint
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft Sites Document Library
  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce Custom Object
  • Amazon Cloud

ProntoForms also offers REST API that makes it possible to integrate it with virtually any back-end system, including large enterprise systems, e.g., SAP, Oracle, as well as proprietary in-house systems. Supported features include form dispatching, data source updates, form document, data retrieval, user management and many more.


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