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8 months ago

Pros: It just helps me spread materials for numerous students to attend the lectures they've chosen. I record and upload my own videos (both zipped and mp4), I attach ppt/pdf files, and I make use of their amazing database. Their courses cover an incredible number of subjects, and the quality of their instructors is incomparable.

Cons: Their fee is not exactly budget friendly, but this shouldn't keep you away from trying their trial package (lasts one month, and you're not obliged to upgrade). In terms of functionality, I would only suggest more shortcusts, pointer keys, for instance.

The least favorable review

Stephanie Wright

2 years ago

Pros: This is very difficult to talk about, given our negative experience... perhaps the convincing salespeople.

Cons: We are a small teaching service who was looking for a LMS that could support remote teachers giving classes to students in Brazil. During an initial trial of the online classroom with a WizIQ salesperson and two of our team members, we experienced some slow audio/video but were assured that when we upgraded our internet speed in Brazil (as we already planned to do), then the problems would cease. Perhaps misguidedly, we went ahead and purchased one year of Premium membership+Online Academy—aka, $1,600.This is when our bigger problems began. After multiple tests with our team members, we could never make the WizIQ platform work when more than 4 students were logged on. Our lead teacher also noticed that (even after emailing multiple times asking for assistance) her account was always listed as ’Trial’ and not ‘Premium’. When we never received clear information about the Trial/Premium confusion, and when it became clear that the software simply COULD NOT support more than 4 students, we knew this platform would not allow us to offer high quality classes…especially since our enrollment was growing quickly.The process to close the account and request a refund was painful. A month and a half of email tag—where our team would say “please close our account and refund us” and the WizIQ team would send a stock response of “please let us do another technical troubleshooting session” took far too much of our team’s most precious resource: Time.Last night the problems came to a head when, after one WizIQ employee told us we would receive a refund, another told us that the breakdown in communication had happened inside our own team and that WizIQ was not at fault. Regardless of how big or small the customer’s organization is, it is the job of WizIQ to dig into issues and discover problems to ensure customer satisfaction.To us, it felt like WizIQ made a huge effort to seem like they were helping…while in reality nothing ever got resolved and we were left with the same questions that made us frustrated with WizIQ in the first place. Now we are so exhausted that even the refund doesn’t feel worth any additional contact with WizIQ. We are posting this review as a matter of public interest, in the hope that another young company does not encounter the same problems with WizIQ that we did.

Rebecca Baldwin
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Published 2 years ago
WizIQ has a terrific online classroom or learning platform, which enables the teacher to present videos and power point presentations, along with uploaded pictures, maps,...

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