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What is Bridge LMS?

Bridge LMS is a corporate learning management solution that aims to help businesses improve employee training and create out-of-the box courses that accelerate progression and help employees develop industry-specific skills.

The software is cloud-based, which makes it easily accessible on mobile devices, and allows you to store all relevant data in a centralized index from where employees can follow their training records on the go. Managers, on the other hand, can make use of the accurate feedback this tool is able to provide, and use it to familiarize themselves with specific employees’ needs, detect threats, trends, and opportunities, as well as follow the progress of their company from a much closer perspective.

What is more, Bridge LMS comes with a distinctive reporting suite, where you can generate and customize course and survey reports, or measure employee performance using an advanced set of progress indicators. On top of that, you will get access to a gamification package of quizlets and certificates to motivate employees to participate more actively, and to contribute to your company’s long term missions.

What is interesting to know is that Bridge LMS is fully SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) compliant, which means that it corresponds to the highest, industry-imposed and universally accepted technical rules for creating and sharing content. The handy content editor is built into the platform, making it possible to add and import textual content, embed images and graphics, and deploy courseware for more effective training. The very same system can then be used for reporting purposes, creating surveys and generating feedback from employees, and sharing materials with external parties. Strong ERP and CRM integrations are also available to make Bridge usable in almost every software environment.

Bridge LMS can be used by businesses of all scales if they wish to better manage their talent pool and to improve employee engagement. The pricing is flexible, as the company develops separate quotes for each client to meet their most specific needs.

Overview of Bridge LMS Benefits

Bridge LMS is a corporate learning management solution which does a very professional job while at the same time preserving a simple and user-friendly interface. This tool helps business managers provide information quickly, and engage many more learners into advanced forms of training. Creating courses in Bridge LMS is fast, as the tool is designed to convert all formats and types of content in a very short time. In fact, Bridge LMS allows you to import multimedia content, and to store it within a searchable centralized index. There is little the online editor can’t do to engage employees, especially considering its advanced gamification suite that rewards top performers.

Import and categorize contacts

Together with the intuitive course creation, Bridge LMS makes it possible to enroll learners effortlessly, importing your already created HRIS contact lists. Once learners and employees are pinpointed, you can use Bridge’s grouping feature to categorize them, according to their hire date, department, skills, experience, or other relevant data. These smart groups will help you understand employee engagement in different departments, reveal and tackle differences, and work on employee satisfaction.

Integration with ERP and CRM systems

Integration won’t be an issue even when it comes to customer assistance programs, as you can easily blend Bridge LMS within your existing ERP and CRM infrastructure. In fact, Bridge LMS is produced with scalability in mind, which means that it allocates and accepts system resources each time capacity demand is increasing. The number of training sessions you organize or the number of employees you involve won’t be an issue – the system’s performance remains intact. Service delivery is kept in the loop even when negotiating prices, as Bridge’s team seems to have a functionality package for each customer type.

Easy communication and file sharing

Employees are fully enabled to communicate with each other, share various formats of files, or simply access information when not in office. Bridge LMS stores all courseware in a centralized database, and protects data according to the highest security standards.

Employee evaluation

Another thing that makes Bridge LMS useful is its employee evaluation capacity. The software makes it possible to schedule and monitor attendance for live training, and create skill-specific courses with interactive workflows to improve employees’ experience. As a result, managers can familiarize with the specific needs and feelings of their employees, or monitor specific groups to monitor trends and detect HR opportunities. This is often the most helpful feature that companies rely on to spot engagement problems, and think of the best solutions for them.

Flexible mobile access to training

The efficiency of Bridge LMS relies significantly on its flexibility, and easy access to both current and previous courses. Alongside compulsory ones, employees are invited to engage in different optional courses, and develop their personal learning programs. They can also access content and follow their progress from any mobile device, being neatly notified whenever something in their records is changed. The same app gives them the opportunity to rate the training you provide them, which means you will get enough measurable feedback to use as actionable data for smarter business decisions. The platform can also be used to engage external partners and third-party collaborators.

Modern mobile training is also available – if you’re running a large remote team, Bridge LMS will help you deliver training or resolve training issues just the way you would do in the office. All employees can follow your courses on their mobile widgets, learn, contribute, and get evaluated regardless of their location. This won’t only facilitate the work of the HR manager, but also ensure that everyone in the team is prepared to work, satisfied, and most importantly – feeling as a part of your corporate community.


Companies in need of powerful analytics will also appreciate Bridge’s reporting capacity. The platform can measure complex course statistics based on the indicators you’ve chosen, while it also keeps an eye on legal and corporate compliance, training readiness and cost effectiveness. All reports can be generated from a simple and comprehensive dashboard, where the user can also depict and apply key findings regarding its course delivery.

Customer support

Finally, Bridge LMS offers 24/7 phone and live support for current and prospective users interested in finding out more about its features. The experts should answer any of your questions accurately, and should assist you when creating your first courses.

Overview of Bridge LMS Features

  • Simplified access to training
  • Quick and easy content creation (multimedia included)
  • Manual/Auto CSV report
  • CustombBranding
  • Sub-accounts
  • Instant overview of enrollment and pass rates
  • User activity and completion rates analytics
  • A central index for personal courses
  • Course progress indicators
  • A library for required and optional content
  • Discussions
  • Email reminders
  • Roles and permissions
  • Course/Centralized/Survey reporting
  • Tickets
  • Quizlets
  • Certificates
  • Multi-language support

What Problems Will Bridge LMS Solve?

  1. Bridge provides opportunities for learning when it is most convenient for learners. It eliminates the need to pull learners away from their work for in-person training and allows for training materials to be accessed at the convenience of the learner.
  2. Bridge breaks the geography barriers that exist with a remote workforce. It allows for anytime, anywhere, and on any device. (cloud-based and mobile friendly).
  3. Bridge’s simple and intuitive platform allows for easy content creation. With Bridge LMS, the right people can assume responsibility for training those that are responsible for developing.

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Bridge LMS is one of the 50
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Corporate LMS Software#13

Each organization has different requirements and needs a system that can be customized for their size, type of workers and buyers, and the particular industry they are in. For these reasons, no software can offer perfect functionality out-of-the-box. When you try to find a software app, first be sure what you need it for. Read some Bridge LMS reviews and ask yourself do you want basic tools or do you want complex features? Are there any industry-specific tools that you are searching for? Obtain the answers to these queries to aid your search. There are plenty of factors that you need to consider and these include your finances, particular business requirements, your company size, integration requirements etc. Take your time, check out a few free trials, and finally choose the app that provides all that you need to enhance your firm effectiveness and productivity.

How Much Does Bridge LMS Cost?

Bridge LMS Pricing Plans:
Free trial
Quote-based Plan
Contact vendor

Bridge LMS individual and enterprise pricing information is available only upon request. Please contact the company directly for a quote. You can also schedule a demo of the service and there is a great free trial plan available for up to 90-days which is quire rare among such solutions.

User Satisfaction

We realize that when you make a decision to buy Learning Management System - LMS it’s important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also to find out if the real people and companies that buy it are actually satisfied with the product. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers customer reviews, comments and Bridge LMS reviews across a wide range of social media sites. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with Bridge LMS. With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.






Technical details

Devices Supported
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
Language Support
  • English
Pricing Model
  • Quote-based
Customer Types
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Cloud Hosted

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What are Bridge LMS pricing details?

Bridge LMS Pricing Plans:
Free trial
Quote-based Plan
Contact vendor

Bridge LMS individual and enterprise pricing information is available only upon request. Please contact the company directly for a quote. You can also schedule a demo of the service and there is a great free trial plan available for up to 90-days which is quire rare among such solutions.

What integrations are available for Bridge LMS?

Bridge LMS integrates and works with leading HRIS, ERP and CRM systems as well as with several third-party apps. it can laso be readily integrated with, OpenSesame, and Shopify.

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