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What is Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform?

Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform is an easy-to-use, unified, and highly strategic suite of ethics and compliance applications that allows organizations and their teams to establish a corporate culture that puts integrity and ethical behavior at the center of their business. The centralized platform provides ethics and compliance leaders and teams with the capability to take a new approach to building an ethics and compliance program for their organization. Thus, it enables them to adopt a more proactive approach and abandon the traditional and reactive way of handling ethics and compliance that focuses only on regulatory compliance and fails to produce higher ethical standards.

The end-to-end suite of ethics and compliance applications permit users to automatically share policies with employees within their organization as well as administer learning and training for such policies so that employees can understand what they contain and comply with them. The platform also ensures that ethics and compliance leaders and teams are able to keep different versions of their policies and track the employees who signed each policy version. Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform delivers an extensive disclosure program that enables users to distribute disclosure questionnaires to employees and third-parties so that they will be able to collect data that help them identify areas where there are possible conflicts of interest. This way, they can pinpoint where risks exist and mitigate them as early as possible.

Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform has a helpline that provides employees, vendors, and customers with different communication channels where they can report issues, allowing them to actively engage in identifying ethics and compliance issues and promoting ethical corporate culture. In addition, the platform offers a case management tool which makes it easy for investigators to capture all information related to the reports being raised by employees, vendors, and customers; and perform tasks to promptly respond to such reports and cases. The platform lets users visualize disclosures and incidents through the aid of dashboards and heat maps so that they can pinpoint risk areas, review violations, identify behavioral factors, and conduct root- cause analyses. Last but not least, it permits users to extend their ethics and compliance processes and goals to third-parties that they are partnering with.

Overview of Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform Benefits

Streamlined Policy, Learning, And Training Management

Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform has an application that streamlines how policies and guidelines that support ethical employee behavior are being distributed and administered within the organization. As these policies and guidelines are shared with employees, the application enables users to also set up online learning and training courses so that the employees will become fully knowledgeable of the policies and guidelines that they are accepting and signing.

Automated And Customizable Workflows

Through the aid of automated workflows, users will be able to immediately distribute policies and online training courses to employees. These automated workflows are also customizable, giving users the ability to define what policies, courses, messages, and reminders they want to send to employees. The application can track the number of learning and training courses that have been completed by employees and policies that have not been distributed. In addition, it also keeps a record of training results.

Version Control

Because policies are constantly changing along with the learning and training courses that are associated with them, Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform offers a version control feature that automatically stores and archives different versions of policies. It can also store online courses in multiple formats. Because of this, users will be able to easily identify the employees who signed the different versions of the policies, the specific online courses the employees have completed, and the dates when the policies have been signed and the courses have been completed.

Extensive Disclosure Management

The ethics and compliance solution delivers an extensive disclosure management capability that permits users to collect disclosures not only from their senior management but also from the entire workforce. This way, they will be able to gather valuable data to pinpoint risk areas and identify conflicts of interest.

Understand And Mitigate Risk Using Disclosure Questionnaires

Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform lets users automatically distribute disclosure questionnaires to targeted groups of employees based on attributes from their existing HR system. These questionnaires can be customized which means they can specify which conflicts of interest they want to focus on and gather information for. For example, they can configure the questionnaires in order for them to collect data on board memberships, outside financial interests, personal relationships, or outside employment. This serves as an early warning system that helps them understand risk and identify early signs of underlying misconduct.

Report Issues Through Multiple Communication Channels

Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform has an application called Convercent Helpline that allows employees to submit reports on issues and incidents that have an impact on ethics and compliance. They can send reports and initiate cases using various communication channels and services which include mobile texting, web, proxy, and phone call. These communication channels are also extended to customers and vendors to ensure that all concerns and issues are reported regardless of where they are coming from.

Increase Employee Engagement

The helpline features of the platform improve employee engagement, as employees will feel that their voices are being heard and their issues are being acted upon. They can choose whatever communication channel they want, and they can even submit reports anonymously. If they want to receive automated notifications when their cases are updated, the platform also gives that option.

Case Management Tool

When it comes to responding to reported issues, the platform delivers a tool that assists investigators in collecting all information related to the reported issues and simplifying case management. Known as Case Manager, this tool enables investigators to deal even with complex cases that have multiple allegations and personnel involved. Additionally, the tool has a flexible workflow that accommodates their own process for conducting investigations. Cases can also be escalated to the appropriate teams or to the board depending on the issues being reported.

Visualize Incidents and Disclosures

As a platform that utilizes a proactive approach in ethics and compliance management, Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform makes sure that users are able to access company-wide data and quickly identify patterns, outliers, and correlations so that they can identify risk areas and mitigate risk as early as possible. Through the aid of dashboards, they will be able to access visual representations of incidents and disclosures, eliminating the use of spreadsheets.  

Conduct Root-Cause Analysis

The platform also uses heat maps so users can evaluate violations and identify outliers. As users review and analyze issues, violations, and disclosures; they will be able to discover the underlying behavioral factors that might be causing such issues to occur. Thus, they can drill down into the details of each case and conduct a root-cause analysis. Here, they can identify the factors that influence issues such as abuse of company resources, bribery, fraud, and harassment. Once they’re done doing a  root-cause analysis they can then make changes to their ethics and compliance management programs and activities and build a more ethical and compliant corporate culture.

Extend Ethics And Values To Third-Parties

Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform ensures that users are able to extend the ethics and values of their organization to suppliers and other third-parties that are doing business with them. The platform lets them correlate conflict-of-interest disclosures from employees and issues raised via the helpline with third-parties. This way, they will be able to comprehensively assess and understand third-party risk profiles. They can also distribute questionnaires, policies, and training courses to third-parties, as well as set up automated approval workflows wherein approvals are routed based on the type of the supplier and its engagement size.

Overview of Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform Features

  • Simplify Administration of Policy, Learning, and Training
  • Employee Scorecard
  • Automated Workflows
  • Worry-Free Version Control
  • Increase Visibility and Reduce Risk
  • Customizable Disclosure Questionnaires
  • Update Disclosures Anytime
  • Identify Early Signs of Misconduct
  • Helpline
  • Report Issues Through Communication Channels
  • Employee Engagement
  • Case Management
  • Insights
  • Visualize Incidents and Disclosures
  • Dashboards
  • Know Your Culture’s Pulse
  • Regional and Functional Heat Maps
  • Identify Behavioral Factors That Influence Issues
  • Leverage Root-Cause Analysis
  • Improve Team Productivity
  • No More Weak Links
  • Extend Proactive Ethics to Third-Party Relationships
  • Correlate Conflict-Of-Interest Disclosures and Helpline Reports
  • Third-Party Approval Workflows

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Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform is one of the 20
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Each company is different, and might call for a particular type of Compliance Management Software solution that will be fit for their business size, type of customers and employees and even particular niche they deal with. You should not count on locating a perfect app that is going to be suitable for every company no matter what their background is. It may be a good idea to read a few Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform reviews first and even then you should remember what the service is supposed to do for your company and your workers. Do you require a simple and straightforward app with just basic features? Will you really use the complex functionalities required by experts and big enterprises? Are there any specific tools that are especially practical for the industry you work in? If you ask yourself these questions it will be much easier to locate a reliable service that will match your budget.

How Much Does Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform Cost?

Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform Pricing Plans:
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Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform’s SMB and enterprise pricing plan information is available only upon request. Please contact the company, and get your quote.

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What are Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform pricing details?

Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform Pricing Plans:
Free trial
Quote-based Plan
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Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform’s SMB and enterprise pricing plan information is available only upon request. Please contact the company, and get your quote.

What integrations are available for Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform?

Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform can be integrated with HR systems such as Workday.

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