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Well Sold but Painful to use ERP System

- by Anonymous Reviewer


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What are the best aspects of this product?

It's nice that the average user can pull data without too much training, and even turn them into dashboards that usually work. The UI also looks modern and is generally aesthetically pleasing. One of their consultants that helped us set it up was incredibly smart - but I think that helped mask what a poor deal we were getting with this software.

What aspects are problematic or could work better?

It's the slowest ERP system I've used by far - they recommended we upgrade our server, but we later discovered that that was not the cause, the slowness was purely in the design. Simple tasks like deleting a job order can result in dozens of popup windows that provide useless information. Order information, available on a one screen view in SAP, may be spread out over up to 5 different forms that are slow and cumbersome to navigate between (just clicking on a different module results in a delay). Their provided warehouse management system is an abomination that is so cumbersome and non-intuitive that we've gone back to doing everything by paper (not Syteline generated paper of course - any update would cost thousands and be null when they roll out the next update). Infor Syteline was not designed to cooperate with a configurator, but they sold it to us linked to one anyway. As a result, many of the modules we paid for are useless or counterproductive. The amount of transactions we are now required to do is a logarithmic increase from what it was with our previous system - to the point that we've added headcount to merely satisfy the system without doing anything real time to reap the benefit. They sold us an error detection feature - but this feature identifies an error and places a small popup on a screen (which our operators will not often notice because they scan so often) but allow the user to continue anyway. In general, there are no other features that I'm aware of that perform error detection in manufacturing like a normal, acceptable ERP system should. There are situations where Infor will automatically generate an incorrect lot - causing variances, thus requiring us to be extra diligent with every transaction. They sold that we would be easily able to retrieve drawings, but later found that there were substantial IT hurdles to jump over to make it available, and when it was, it required so many clicks that none of our operators would voluntarily review the drawings. There are 3 places to store documents, all of which are slow, and it's difficult to drive consistency because each has a necessary place in certain modules. There is a very steep learning curve because many of the modules are not arranged in an intuitive way and often have names that are not helpful to the general workforce that uses it (eg "Unposted Job Transactions"). In some cases, it will allow you to start making updates to something, and when you try to save it, tell you that you can't save it because the record is deadlocked or something. Then, when you try to delete your work or undo what you did to start over, it won't allow you to do that either, requiring you to force close the system. Most forms have a form view on the right and a data view of all of the records on the left - the data view side tends to hide the most valuable information far to the right, which requires sometimes minutes of scrolling. You can reset your column locations to make these more accessible, but it's periodically reset. To add a cherry on top, every week or so, one of my modules will garble and make a majority of the data hidden and the buttons inaccessible. This requires IT to intervene, for many employees, on a regular basis, to combat this ridiculous glitch.

What features/services would you like to see in future versions of this product?

I would like to see them streamline and focus on efficiency (as well as resolving all of the issues in the cons listed)

What specific problems in your company were solved by this product?

I'm not aware of any specific way this ERP system exceeds the one it replaced.

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