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Great value for price.

- by Salvador


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What are the best aspects of this product?

The software is very easy to use and offers a very clean and simple user interface. It is very handy to form chat widgets and put them into service. The customer support team is very helpful and courteous. Considering the price range, the software has a great value for the investment. For a busy team or a staff who is dealing with a great number of phone calls, the pause feature can prove out to be a great help. LiveAgent doesn’t come with any complex triggers to perform the basic activities and this is making things quite simpler.

What aspects are problematic or could work better?

The sound of the chat is very low and silent. You might fail to notice a chat unless the agent has all their focus on the chat window. This goes both for the customer or the agent, because on both the sides, the chat sound is very low. There is a lack of feature in the chat that can make the chat or ticket look like a message or email thread. The previous messages are not displayed directly in the window. The replies are usually shown in the middle of the email template, in between the header and the footer. There is no availability of any round robin functions that can be helpful in the assignment of tickets to the users. The security features need to be enhanced. There must be some additions to the feature of having just the agent and admin. This is because I would like my managers to do more than the agents but less than the admin and my agents must do a little less of the work. I don’t see the requirement of the new window opened for the mobile version as it can readily fit on the same window screen together.
I would preferably want to gather all the email addresses before allowing the chat with the customer to take place. But in case any of the departments go offline, there is a provision for the customers to leave messages. But when a particular department is offline, it must transform into the form of a pre chat and this feature is missing from the software. Thus, there is a need of having a great number of fields on the form of pre chat that also includes the field for message.
While setting up the departments, there is a requirement of assigning an email address to the said department. But also, when a new ticket is created and a department is selected then also and email address has to be selected. For me, this feature is pointless. This has resulted in a number of human errors as the emails which are supposed to go to the info@ email address are redirected to the sales department. This has lead to a great chaos as the replies of the customers were delivered to some other departments and there was thus a need of manual movement of the ticket form one department to the other.
The tickets are not assigned to the agents automatically after the replying of the agent but the ticket can come back to any agent and then any agent can reply to it. This is not a comfortable thing for the customers as they are handled by a number of agents every now and then.

What specific problems in your company were solved by this product?

All the incoming and outgoing emails have been managed and replies can be provided within the period of SLA. The addition of the live chat feature has added to the functionality of the websites.

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  • I use it myself

How long have you been using this product?

1-3 years


What is your company size?

11-50 Employees

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just me


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Less than 1 year


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