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What is Xara Designer Pro?

Xara Designer Pro is one of the fastest graphics providers that offers illustration, photo editing, page layout and WYSIWYG web design tools in a single package. The software allows users to perform a variety of graphic designing tasks using a single application, which runs on Microsoft Windows and does not require high-end PCs to work efficiently.

Designer Pro suite includes all the tools, features and content of Photo & Graphic Designer, Web Designer Premium and Page & Layout Designer. The software allows users to create professional-level websites without prior web technologies experience and makes it easier for them to accomplish most web designing tasks. It’s also one of the fastest graphics design software able to fulfill all the graphics design needs, whether print or the web.

Overview of Xara Designer Pro Benefits

Xara Designer Pro is an integrated solution that includes photo editing, illustration, web design, DTP and page layout tools. The easy-to-use drag and drop interface allows zooming up to 25,000% and enables users to complete jobs faster using the Direct Action Tools. Some of the tools the software offers include text handling, drawing, page layout, blends, 3D extrude, live effects, transparency and fathering and shadows, contours and bevels. Non-destructive photo editing, advanced photo manipulation, intelligent scaling, integrated photo tool, creative effects and other photo handling tools make the job easier for users.

Based on one of the most high-performance and sophisticated vector rendering engines, the software offers ultra-fast performance and allows people to unleash their creativity. Unlimited Undo/redo allows users to experiment without worrying about going back, while direct action tools allow creating effects such as gradient fills, transparency etc. without dialogs and faster by dragging on the object. Up to 25,000% zoom makes it easier for users to deal with work that involves a lot of details and ultra-high resolution images.

The software allows users to manipulate solid live objects and does not limit them to dragging outlines while manipulating such objects. This means users can clearly see what they are doing and work with vector graphics more efficiently. Non-destructive photo editing and advanced photo manipulation tools help produce ‘magical’ changes and enhancements without a lot of work, while the Magic Erase tool allows effortlessly removing unwanted objects from the photos.

Overview of Xara Designer Pro Features

  • Direct action tools
  • Drag-and-drop, consistent interface
  • Unlimited Undo/redo
  • Up to 25,000% zoom
  • Top-quality screen display
  • Solid object editing
  • Update service
  • Text handling
  • Page layout
  • Drawing tools
  • 3D extrude
  • Blends
  • Transparency and feathering
  • Live effects
  • Non-destructive photo handling
  • Advanced photo manipulation
  • Intelligent scaling
  • Magic Erase
  • Creative effects
  • HTML website creation
  • Mobile friendly sites
  • Web widgets
  • PSD, PDF support
  • Color separation support

Xara Designer Pro Position In Our Categories

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Xara Designer Pro is one of the top 20 Graphic Design Softwareproducts


Xara Designer Pro is one of the 20
Graphic Design Software products

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Each enterprise has different wants and needs an application that can be customized for their size, type of employees and clients, and the particular industry they are in. For these reasons, no software can offer perfect features off-the-shelf. When you look for a software system, first be sure what you need it for. Read some Xara Designer Pro reviews and ask yourself do you need basic functionality or do you require sophisticated tools? Are there any industry-specific features that you are seeking? Get the answers to these queries to assist your search. There are multiple elements that you need to consider and these include your finances, particular business requirements, your company size, integration requirements etc. Take your time, use a few free trials, and finally select the app that offers all that you need to enhance your organization efficiency and productivity.

How Much Does Xara Designer Pro Cost?

Xara Designer Pro Pricing Plans:
Free trial
Xara Designer Pro

Xara Designer Pro’s enterprise pricing license costs $299 and includes:

  • Photo & Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer Premium
  • Page & Layout Designer
  • Hundreds of templates
  • Thousands of archived photos and illustrations

User Satisfaction

We realize that when you make a decision to buy Graphic Design Software it’s important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also to find out if the real people and companies that buy it are actually satisfied with the product. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers customer reviews, comments and Xara Designer Pro reviews across a wide range of social media sites. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with Xara Designer Pro. With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.






Technical details

Devices Supported
  • Windows
Language Support
  • English
Pricing Model
  • One-time payment
Customer Types
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Freelancers
  • On Premise

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What are Xara Designer Pro pricing details?

Xara Designer Pro Pricing Plans:
Free trial
Xara Designer Pro

Xara Designer Pro’s enterprise pricing license costs $299 and includes:

  • Photo & Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer Premium
  • Page & Layout Designer
  • Hundreds of templates
  • Thousands of archived photos and illustrations

What integrations are available for Xara Designer Pro?

At the moment, Xara Designer Pro offers a streamlined integration with Adobe Dreamweaver.

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