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What is DCWarehouse Automation?

DCWarehouse Automation is a fully integrated warehouse management and supply chain solution which is exclusively built to seamlessly work with Sage 500 ERP, an enterprise resource planning system used by companies to handle key processes such as sales management, purchase management, inventory and warehouse management, accounting and finance, human resources and payroll, and more. The solution extends the functionalities built within Sage 500 ERP, especially those ones related to manufacturing and distribution processes, through the aid of its support for Radio Frequency and mobile technology solutions. Moreover, as a native component of Sage 500 ERP, DCWarehouse Automation allows users to store their transactions in a single database, enabling them to access updated data in real time.

DCWarehouse Automation helps manufacturers and distributors gain full control over their inventory and all the activities that affect how they practice and implement such control which include processes and tasks associated with picking, packing, counting, shipping, transferring, and issuing materials. The solution ensures that users are able to achieve accuracy as they perform these activities, eliminating data entry errors and paper-based documentation. The high-level features included in the solution are an integrated barcoding and labeling system, receiving, container tracking, shipping, bin-moves, bin-replenishment, cycle counting, warehouse space utilization, materials issues, back-flushing, labor entry, directed put-away, sales order entry, and picking methods.

Overview of DCWarehouse Automation Benefits

Extend The Capabilities Of Sage 500 ERP And Access Data From A Single Database

DCWarehouse Automation is designed as an extension of Sage 500 ERP. Thus, users no longer have to rely on other warehouse management software products which have their own database. This helps them save money, as most of such software products require expensive deployments in order for their database to interface with an ERP system. With DCWarehouse Automation, they are provided with just a single database where all data related to their transactions are stored and updated in real time.

A Paperless Warehouse Management System That Reduces Training Costs

Being an extension of Sage 500 ERP, DCWarehouse Automation automates a lot of manufacturing and distribution activities within Sage 500 ERP. For instance, employees don’t need to enter data manually anymore. They can also perform their tasks without scanning paper-based sales orders, purchase order receipts, or pick list documents. This is because all the information they need are already accessible on their wireless devices. In other words, DCWarehouse Automation is a paperless warehouse management system that employees can easily learn and use, assisting companies in reducing training costs.

Built-In Barcoding And Labeling Engine

DCWarehouse Automation has a built-in barcoding and labeling engine or system which makes it possible to print bar codes and UCC-compliant labels directly from the solution. As a result, distributors and manufacturers will be able to eliminate errors related to data entry and other manual processes and manage inventories and orders accurately.

Supports UPC Code Scanning

In case bar codes are not attached to items, employees can still scan the items while they are receiving, picking, cycle counting, or moving stocks, or performing other inventory management tasks. This is done by scanning UPC codes which is supported by the solution.

Order Entry Update Lines Feature

The warehouse management and supply chain solution delivers a feature that simplifies the process of updating details in sale orders. This feature is called the Order Entry Update Lines Feature. How does this feature work? When users need to modify multiple lines in a sales order entry that contain details like ship to or ship via address, they will be able to apply the updated information across all the lines using this feature.

Various Types Of Picking Methods

In DCWarehouse Automation, picking procedures can be executed with full flexibility. Users can apply various picking methods based on the specific needs of their business. Among the picking methods that they can automatically implement are pick- to-a-box which is usually made for processing small orders, pick-to-a-materials handling equipment, and pick and package right straight from a wireless device.

RF/Mobile Ready to Ship Picking

There is a picking feature included in the solution that permits users to fulfill orders from their clients efficiently. This feature is enhanced by Radio Frequency and mobile technology. As they generate pick lists and even before they begin to pick items or materials from their inventory, the solution enables them to produce and print carrier labels. The printed carrier labels then can be attached to the boxes as user perform picking.

Make Decisions Faster With A Graphical Warehouse Manager

DCWarehouse Automation has a graphical warehouse management tool which is designed with a drag-and-drop functionality. This tool allows warehouse managers to view all the orders being placed by agents from their customer service department. The warehouse manager can decide which orders need to be processed first for picking and shipping, letting him or her sort orders according to the specified shipping methods, customer types, order types, and other criteria. With this tool, users can gain insights into the activities being performed by their customer service team, achieve interdepartmental visibility, and generate decisions much faster.

Automates The Back Order Fulfillment Process

DCWarehouse Automation also automates the back order fulfillment process. In fact, it has a functionality called Back Order Release which is a component of its Create Pick List Feature. During the sales process, some inventory items may not be available in the current inventory for picking. Thus, such items are placed on a backorder status. However, as users replenish their inventory, these items will be available later on. The Back Order Release functionality, therefore, allows users to view all the orders that they weren’t able to process before and pick inventory items for. If the inventory items are already available, they can create pick lists of those items through the aid of the Back Order Release functionality.

Cross Docking Feature

The solution makes it easy for employees to search for the right bins or locations when they are picking items for cross-docked orders. Rather than pulling products or items from any cross dock bin or location, its cross docking feature guides them in picking items or products from the proper cross dock bin or location based on a  particular purchase order.

Partial Shipments Validation

DCWarehouse Automation has validation features, and one of them is found in its partial shipment generation capability. With this capability, users are given the chance to verify first whether they are able to pick all the needed items for a specific order before they produce a shipment.

Truckload Functionality

The solution offers a truckload functionality that gives users full control over the items or materials they are putting in their own trucks or external freight carriers. This functionality can be run in three modes, namely, run for pick list only, run for pick list with pick boxes, and run for shipments with packages.

Streamlines Kitting And Dekitting

With DCWarehouse Automation, the kitting process is streamlined. This is the process wherein individual parts or materials are combined together in a single kit which is usually done to save storage spaces and speed up delivery or shipment. In DCWarehouse Automation, users can quickly assemble or disassemble their kits, automatically add their kits to their inventories, and immediately release the components contained in each kit.

Bin Replenishment

The solution delivers bin replenishment features such as the ability to access system-generated suggestions that specify the bins where fast moving items should be placed and the exact times when fast pick bins need to be replenished, dynamically input the minimum and maximum stock levels for a particular bin, and rotate stocks and move items based on shelf life expiration dates.

Process Credit Card And ACH Payments Directly Within The System

DCWarehouse Automation also provides users with the ability to store credit cards and ACH accounts, and process credit card and ACH payments directly within its system. Also, their customers or clients are ensured that their credit card numbers and any sensitive data stored in the system will always be protected, as the solution applies an encryption to them.

Purchase Orders On The Fly

The warehouse management and supply chain solution permits users to generate purchase orders on the fly. For instance, if they forgot to create purchase orders for certain items or materials, or their coworker has accidentally added an extra item to an existing purchase order, they can immediately create a purchase order or revise a purchase order right straight from their handheld device.

Manufacturing Features

Features that are exclusive for manufacturing processes and transactions are also included in DCWarehouse Automation. For example, production employees can take advantage of its job tracking functionality to record the hours they are spending on the production floor. Users can also back flush bin, lot, or serialized items based on work center. They can even generate work orders by simply scanning parts or inputting part numbers.

Reporting And Analysis Tools

DCWarehouse Automation is equipped with reporting and analysis tools. Warehouse managers or operators can determine how productive pickers, packers, or shippers are, allowing them to access all important data and review what their employees have accomplished so far or within a range of time.

Make Inquiries Easily And View The Exact Details You Need

Aside from its reporting and analysis tools, DCWarehouse Automation provides ways so users can easily make inquiries within its system. For example, if they want to view the details related to a package that has been shipped, they can pull up the sales order of that package and see tracking information. In case they want to view the current quantity of an item in their inventory, they can use the Stock Status Inquiry feature.

Overview of DCWarehouse Automation Features

  • Built as a Native Component of the Sage 500 ERP System
  • Updates One Database
  • Paperless Warehouse Management Solution
  • Integrated Barcoding and Labeling System
  • UPC Enabling
  • Order Entry Update Lines Feature
  • Picking Methods
  • RF/Mobile Ready to Ship Picking
  • Combine Shipment
  • Partial Shipment Validation
  • Reset Bin Quantity
  • Serial Number Range
  • Graphical Warehouse Manager
  • Back Order Release
  • Cross Docking
  • Package Manager
  • Special Invoice Form
  • Truckload Creation and Support
  • Kitting and Dekitting
  • Palate Creation and Support
  • Beginning Balance
  • Bin Replenishment
  • Cycle Counting
  • RMA Processing
  • Inventory Transactions
  • Optional Credit Card Module
  • Purchasing
  • Purchase Order Receiving
  • Directed Put-Away
  • Transfer Order Processing
  • Return to Vendors
  • Manufacturing
  • Material Issue
  • Labor Entry
  • Back Flush
  • EDI Integration and Advanced Shipping Notification Data
  • Reporting and Analytics Tools
  • Inquiries

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DCWarehouse Automation is one of the 50
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How Much Does DCWarehouse Automation Cost?

DCWarehouse Automation Pricing Plans:
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DCWarehouse Automation’s SMB and enterprise pricing plan information is available only upon request. Please contact the vendor via phone or email, and ask for a quote.

User Satisfaction

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Technical details

Devices Supported
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
Language Support
  • English
Pricing Model
  • Quote-based
Customer Types
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Open API

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What are DCWarehouse Automation pricing details?

DCWarehouse Automation Pricing Plans:
Free trial
Quote-based Plan
Contact vendor

DCWarehouse Automation’s SMB and enterprise pricing plan information is available only upon request. Please contact the vendor via phone or email, and ask for a quote.

What integrations are available for DCWarehouse Automation?

DCWarehouse Automation directly integrates with Sage 500 ERP. In addition, it supports integration with some popular EDI or Electronic Data Interchange software solutions and provides tools and functionalities that are optimized for the following carriers:

  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • DHL/Airborne
  • Endicia
  • UPS
  • On Line and Banyan

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