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What is ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer?

Log analytics and configuration management platform ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is designed to provide network activity insights while keeping tabs on firewall logs. The system offers administrators the ability to understand how their networks are utilizing bandwidth. This is accomplished by helping analyze logs that come from firewalls, automatically sending out security and bandwidths reports, along with notifications. Security event reports can be used in coming up with steps to counter potential threats. The platform works regardless of firewall architecture, supporting over 50 firewall vendors, including Check Point, Juniper, Cisco, Fortinet and Palo Alto.

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer supports a wide array of processes such as Firewalls, Proxies, Layer 3 Network devices, change management systems and even risk analysis, to mention a few. The software sports a clean interface, providing administrators with detailed reports, allowing them to meet IT audit standards set by the SEC, FINRA and SOX. It is one of the best tools capable of managing multi-vendor, virtual and customer-specific firewall environments. Ease-of-use comes with the tool, enabling users to pinpoint sources of bad traffic with  just a few clicks.

The platform offers a number of methods by which system logs are analyzed, resulting in far more effective firewall management. If your administrators are encountering problems in network management owing to lack of monitoring tools, ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is just what you need as it is capable of monitoring your Internet traffic all on its own. 

Overview of ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer Benefits

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer comes with a range of benefits that helps ensure firewall optimization and security. These are derived from the vast number of features that the platform offers. Here are some of them:

Firewall Compliance

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is able to automate system compliance audits by coming up with reports on regulations like ISO 27001, SANS, PCI-DSS AND NERC-CIP. Changes in firewall rules are continuously monitored with reports instantly generated, further reinforcing security. All compliance requirements status are flagged as firewall rules, address translations, objects, ACLs, and interfaces, among other configurations relevant to network traffic control are reviewed. False positive filtering criteria for audit reports are defined by users, helping them keep up with internal security rules.

Firewall Policy Monitoring

The solution helps users control traffic between the Internet and LAN, allowing them to efficiently manage and monitor firewall rules, ensuring the smooth flow of traffic while blocking traffic that are deemed anomalous or potentially harmful. Aside from this, the system generates an overview report that gives users visibility into traffic rules.

Firewall Bandwidth/Network Security Reports

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer helps you understand network security better and analyze bandwidth using reports based on firewall logs. These include essential firewall reports, traffic details reports, security reports, trends reports, and device management reports.

Bandwidth Monitoring

With the platform, managed security service providers and network administrators can monitor their Internet traffic in near real time. It collects and analyzes firewall traffic data so that you can gather traffic details across every firewall. Live firewall traffic reports are generated by the system, which it displays in table and graph formats. They are automatically updated, detailing both incoming and outgoing traffic and are available for the last year, 30 days, 7 days and 24 hours. Minimum, maximum and average speed are also reflected in the graph.

Alerts and Notifications

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer automatically sends notifications to administrators in the event of security breaches or unusual traffic. These alerts come in the form of email, SMS or a tool that can initiate other action. Alerts for bandwidth users are also sent out in real time when bandwidth usage crosses a certain threshold. This allows for the identification of the sources of bandwidth usage. Similarly, alerts for each device can be set up using the system with users setting the criteria for alert triggering.

Managed Firewall Services

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer allows managed security service providers to manage their customers’ firewalls, all from a single console. Collection, analysis, generation and archiving reports for customer firewalls is possible with the tool, enabling users to measure bandwidth use, detect anomalies and audit traffic, among others. User-specific firewall views are used to provide access-based control, allowing administrators to assign users to their firewalls.

Value-Added Features

The software offers a variety of value-added functionalities, which can provide added benefits to users. A Diagnose Live Connections feature sees to it that all live connections going in and out of the firewall are captured and analyzed. The system is able to display up to 1,000 random connections. The display can be tweaked using a filter criteria, which also allows for the limitation of the number of connections displayed.

Overview of ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer Features

  • Firewall Compliance Management
  • PCI DSS Compliance Report
  • ISO 27001:2013 Compliance Report
  • SANS Compliance Report
  • NIST Compliance Report
  • NERC CIP Compliance Report
  • Security Audit & Configuration Analysis Report
  • Configuration Change Management Report
  • Firewall Policy Overview Report
  • Firewall Used Rules Report
  • Firewall Unused Rules Report
  • Firewall Security Management
  • Firewall Policy Optimization Report
  • Firewall Reports
  • Virus, Attack, & Security Reports
  • VPN Reports
  • Application Reports for Firewall
  • Proxy Server Reports
  • Real-time Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Traffic Analyzer
  • URL Monitoring
  • Employee Internet Usage Monitoring
  • Firewall Alerts
  • Alert Notifications
  • Alert Administration
  • Managed Firewall Service
  • Dashboard and User based Views
  • Rebranding Firewall Analyzer Web Client
  • Firewall Log Management
  • Firewall Log Analysis
  • Virtual Firewall Support
  • Importing Firewall Log Files
  • External User Authentication
  • Custom Reports
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Diagnose Live Firewall Connections
  • Trend Analysis for Capacity Planning
  • Active VPN Connection Trend Reports
  • Firewall Credential Profiles
  • User/ Hostname Resolution for Reports

What Problems Will ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer Solve?

Firewall management can be a daunting task. ManageEngine Firewall is designed to relieve administrators of some of the burdens and problems associated with maintaining firewall integrity and network safety. The following are problem scenarios that the solution can resolve.

Firewall Misconfiguration Detection

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer can help eliminate unused rules and detect firewall misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. This is apart from the system’s ability to manage bandwidth utilization and monitor remote access VPN traffic.

Compliance Audits

Compliance with existing regulations on firewalls is an area where the software excels. It helps organizations meet SEC, SOX IT and FINRA audit regulations. This is made possible with the solution’s generation of detailed firewall reports.

Cost Reduction

Using the platform can help organizations save as much as 20% in IT spending. This is because it provides users total control over operations management and prepares individual systems for automation.

Live Traffic Monitoring

Having no idea how much Internet traffic is coming and going through one’s firewall can be a messy proposition. ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer offers live traffic monitoring while being on the lookout for traffic anomalies.

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How Much Does ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer Cost?

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer Pricing Plans:
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Pricing for ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is by quote only. You need to contact the vendor for a custom plan.

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What are ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer pricing details?

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer Pricing Plans:
Free trial
Quote-based Plan
Contact vendor

Pricing for ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is by quote only. You need to contact the vendor for a custom plan.

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