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What is Salesfusion?

Salesfusion is a marketing automation solution that is designed to help B2B companies align marketing and sales to generate more revenue.

The application helps businesses build a large revenue funnel for sales and marketing by creating customized digital conversations that can be seamlessly used between departments. Sales and marketing teams can use these digital conversations to communicate effectively with promising leads to generate more revenue.

Salesfusion offers pre-built native integrations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage CRM, Infor CRM, and Salesforce.

Overview of Salesfusion Benefits

  • Seamlessly exchange lead data and information between marketing and sales.
  • Salesfusion inputs qualified leads into CRM systems so that sales teams can contact    promising leads with relevant messages.
  • The application matches systems at many levels to allow for better sync with CRM, list segmentation, and execution of campaigns.
  • Salesfusion integrates myriad technologies into one platform to offer rich functionalities, deep CRM integrations, and the ability to track campaigns that produce the best leads.
  • Thus, Salesfusion offers a range of advanced technologies needed by B2B pros in one platform.

Salesfusion eliminates the divide between sales and marketing. While traditional marketing automation platforms were designed to consolidate and optimize marketing tasks, they do very little to create a unified sales funnel or facilitate the crucial handoffs between sales and marketing. This is because they were created around a linear model: marketing warms leads and pushes them to sales. However, this doesn’t address what happens when leads aren’t yet ready to buy. Sales needs the flexibility to push leads back to marketing for further nurture between each outreach.

Today’s buying process is significantly more complex. Marketers need to ensure that leads aren’t wasted. If they aren’t ready to buy at the time sales engages with them, marketers need to know so they can continue to nurture them in an automated way that is consistent with the interactions they have had through the process.

Salesfusion is unique to the industry by addressing this problem with a CRM-style relational database and native integration to the leading CRM platforms. By creating a bi-directional flow between sales and marketing, the app ensures that no lead gets left behind. Marketers are able to push leads to sales based on their perceived interest or engagement. And, sales can push them back to marketing for further nurturing if the lead isn’t ready to buy yet.

With Salesfusion’s approach, you create a unified funnel to gain clear visibility into the buyer journey and prioritize sales and marketing efforts. The app is purpose-built for B2B companies that want to align sales and marketing to engage in long-term relationships that drive more qualified leads, improve conversion rates and increase revenue. As a marketing automation platform, the app streamlines processes to accelerate demand creation with an easy to use platform that allows companies to quickly realize the value of marketing automation.

Overview of Salesfusion Features

  • Campaign management
  • CRM connection
  • Email marketing
  • Event management
  • Lead capture
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead to revenue management
  • Social marketing
  • Website visitor tracking

What Problems Will Salesfusion Solve?

1. Problem: Marketers need to generate more qualified leads for sales

Solution: Lead nurturing, scoring and routing with Salesfusion

Salesfusion provides the ability to create campaigns that execute automatically based on a prospect’s behavior, engagement level, area of interest, geographic location, etc. This approach means marketers can easily scale their efforts to pull more people into the funnel and nurture them more efficiently without the need for more resources.

It also offers the ability to filter higher quality leads to sales. Marketing is able to assign a value to each engagement factor that identifies readiness or likelihood to buy. Prospects accumulate higher values (lead scores) over time. Once they hit the defined threshold, they’re automatically pushed to sales through CRM integration. Not only does this prioritize leads in the CRM, it also delivers more qualified leads.

Additionally, this approach helps marketers understand what types of prospects yield the highest return. They can be more targeted in their efforts to drive more of those buyers into the funnel.

2. Problem: Need to increase efficiency in the sales cycle and create a seamless buyer experience across digital and human outreach

Solution: Sales and marketing alignment through CRM integration and buyer journey tracking

Sales typically lacks visibility into marketing’s activities. They can’t see how marketing has engaged with each lead so they don’t know the lead’s interests. This makes it very difficult for them to pick up the conversation where marketing left off. They can’t customize the conversation. As a result, the buyer’s experience can feel choppy or disjointed.

Salesfusion offers the ability to auto-populate all available demographic information directly into the CRM. This reduces the manual research needed for sales to understand each prospect. It also provides sales with complete visibility into each lead’s digital journey. Every email that’s opened, every page they visit and nearly any other activity salespeople find valuable is captured at the contact level inside their CRM. This information empowers sales to have personalized, meaningful conversations with leads. As a result, the sales cycle is made more efficient and buyers have a seamless experience across digital and human engagements.

3. Problem: Marketers work in disparate systems, creating a lot of manual workflows to consolidate relevant data

Solution: Integrate all marketing workflows with Salesfusion to save time and resources

One of the greatest benefits marketers realize immediately after adopting Salesfusion is that it consolidates workflows typically done in disparate systems. Marketers can build, execute and track all of their primary digital tactics in one platform. This streamlines efforts, saves an enormous amount of time and offers flexibility to view activities within context of each other. It also enables marketing to be more efficient, smarter and drive more revenue.

Salesfusion Position In Our Categories

Position of Salesfusion in our main categories:


Salesfusion is one of the top 200 Marketing Software products


Salesfusion is one of the top 100 Sales Software products


Salesfusion is one of the top 200
Marketing Software products


Salesfusion is one of the top 100
Sales Software products

Salesfusion is also listed in the following subcategories:

Marketing Automation Software#46

Since each organization has unique business requirements, it is sensible for them to desist from searching for a one-size-fits-all perfect software system. Needless to say, it would be useless to try to find such a system even among popular software applications. The smart thing to do would be to catalog the various important factors that require consideration such as main features, finances, skill levels of workers, company size etc. Then, you should do your research thoroughly. Read some Salesfusion reviews and look into each of the other solutions in your shortlist in detail. Such in-depth homework can make certain you reject ill-fitting systems and select the app that offers all the aspects you need for business success.

How Much Does Salesfusion Cost?

Salesfusion Pricing Plans For Enterprises & Small Business:

Here are the Salesfusion cost details:

  • Core Package: $950/month
  • Performance Pack: +$350/month

 Add-on Packs

  • Dedicated IP (+$250/month)
  • CRM Integration (+$50/month)
  • Sandbox (+$100/month)

User Satisfaction

We realize that when you make a decision to buy Marketing Software it’s important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also to find out if the real people and companies that buy it are actually satisfied with the product. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers customer reviews, comments and Salesfusion reviews across a wide range of social media sites. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with Salesfusion. With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.






Technical details

Devices Supported
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
Language Support
  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
Pricing Model
  • Monthly payment
Customer Types
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Open API

What Support Does This Vendor Offer?


What are Salesfusion pricing details?

Salesfusion Pricing Plans:

Here are the Salesfusion cost details:

  • Core Package: $950/month
  • Performance Pack: +$350/month

 Add-on Packs

  • Dedicated IP (+$250/month)
  • CRM Integration (+$50/month)
  • Sandbox (+$100/month)

What integrations are available for Salesfusion?

Native integration with these CRMs: Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, InforCRM

Built-in SEO audit; webinar platforms (Go to Webinar, Webex); social listening and publishing to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus; email deliverability tools such as BriteVerify and Litmus; data enrichment through InsideView; website tracking with Google Analytics

Salesfusion also offers an Open API

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The most favorable review


The people behind SalesFusion is the best part of the company. I met them in a Fusion conference and I had a blast. We talked of many things and left with so many ideas we are excited about, especially for sales and marketing. The 30-day free trial is a must because it gives you a great chance to fully use the platform and see how integrates with your existing CRM software.

I can't think of anything I dislike about the product. There are instances where we had difficulty understading and tracking scores and conversion. Good thing they have knowledgeable support staff to help us with our problems.

The least favorable review


Navigation of the interface is quite easy and I have vast support options which really helps in getting very acquainted with the tool. Campaigns can be measured in so many ways as there are a lot of metrics to choose from. The onboarding staff and the sales rep are very knowledgeable and respectful and it is fun working with them.

The WYSIWYG tool contains bugs that hamper its performance. We already contacted our rep and they say they are working overtime to fix those bugs. The tool is fully functional and performs well but it could be a whole lot better if its more robust and responsive.


The people behind SalesFusion is the best part of the company. I met them in a Fusion conference and I had a blast. We talked of many things and left with so many ideas...


Salesfusion enables us to perform everything we need so we can make contact with our target audience and follow our campaigns closely. The platform is so friendly that...


Salesfusion continues to develop their software to further improve the user experience. In every update they roll out, there is a new tool or simpler set up that enables...


Salesfusion offers a very compact marketing automation solution but what makes them different from the rest is their unrelenting desire to help their customers succeed....


SalesFusion is something companies should consider using if they want to get their desired results and are tired of the usual marketing automation platforms available in...


Salesfusion comes with a user-friendly setup and a throng of tools and features to help you succeed with your marketing campaigns and drive new business. Their customer...


Navigation of the interface is quite easy and I have vast support options which really helps in getting very acquainted with the tool. Campaigns can be measured in so...


Their customer service is worth noting. Whenever I send an email or make a phone call on my end, I always receive a quick answer from Salesfusion. While there may be...


Salesfusion has a great customer service setup! Whenever I send a question or a request, they always give me a timely and prompt response. I have an easy communication...


What makes SalesFusion great is the people who help us with support and product questions. Once we send our questions, they respond immediately and it is evident that the...

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