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Product Lifecycle Management Software - PLM

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What is Serena Business Manager?

Serena Business Manager is a process management platform that aims to improve productivity in all phases of process automation. Suitable for any business environment, Serena is a platform specially geared towards IT Development and Operations and it integrates processes across organizations such as software development, delivery and operations.

SBM is a product of Serena Software, which has been acknowledged as one of the largest global application lifecycle management (ALM) solution providers, with more than 2,500 enterprise customers around the world using the software to accelerate the velocity of the software development lifecycle while enhancing security, compliance, and performance.

Overview of Serena Business Manager Benefits

Serena Business Manager helps its users rapidly create and deploy process-based applications for human and system work management. These applications have been designed not only to be flexible and easily adapted, but also can incorporate built-in reporting and auditing for unmatched visibility, as well as being easy to use and adopt among users and stakeholders ensuring compliance and governance.

SBM’s Composer feature lets users create process apps through drag-and-drop layout of workflow, forms and orchestrations, which in turn encourages greater development productivity. The platform makes it possible to automate the versioning, promotion and deployment and speed responsiveness and delivery at a faster pace, even with minimal admin and development staffing involved. On the other hand, its Work Center allows stakeholders to be engaged in a process through feeds and social views while well rounded views into work items and work queues. Its rich reporting and auditing delivers process visibility and insight, including bottlenecks.

SBM employs a Kanban view that lets users visualize and monitor the flow of work items in a team environment, as well as simplify team communication and effectiveness. Users can customize the columns, establish limits and do drag and drop operations to progress through the workflow. External feeds can be set in place as well to provide a unified view of all work items regardless of source.

Overview of Serena Business Manager Features

  • Unified Work Center
  • Kanban view
  • Backlog views
  • Report Center
  • Smart search
  • Calendaring
  • Real-time notifications
  • Mobile client
  • App composer

Serena Business Manager Position In Our Categories

Position of Serena Business Manager in our main categories:


Serena Business Manager is one of the top 20 Product Lifecycle Management Software - PLMproducts


Serena Business Manager is one of the 10 Workflow Management Softwareproducts


Serena Business Manager is one of the 20
Product Lifecycle Management Software - PLM products


Serena Business Manager is one of the 10
Workflow Management Software products

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How Much Does Serena Business Manager Cost?

Serena Business Manager’s enterprise pricing information is available only upon request. Contact the company for more details, and ask for your quote.

User Satisfaction

We realize that when you make a decision to buy Product Lifecycle Management Software - PLM it’s important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also to find out if the real people and companies that buy it are actually satisfied with the product. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers customer reviews, comments and Serena Business Manager reviews across a wide range of social media sites. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with Serena Business Manager. With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.






Technical details

Devices Supported
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
Language Support
  • English
  • China
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Portugal
Pricing Model
  • Quote-based
Customer Types
  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Cloud Hosted
  • On Premise

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What are Serena Business Manager pricing details?

Serena Business Manager’s enterprise pricing information is available only upon request. Contact the company for more details, and ask for your quote.

What integrations are available for Serena Business Manager?

No information available.

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