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What is Tenna?

Tenna is an efficient, intelligent, and premium asset tracking and management platform used by companies and businesses from various industries which include construction, oil and gas, waste management, and industrial. The platform utilizes different asset tracking devices, technologies, and solutions that are designed for different types of assets, whether small assets and tools, medium-sized assets and equipment, heavy equipment and machineries, or fleets. With Tenna, users will be able to attach QR code and RFID tags and labels to their assets, implement GPS, cellular, and Bluetooth asset tracking devices, and take advantage of LoRa asset trackers that can detect assets and equipment within long ranges.

Tenna combines all the asset tracking devices, technologies, and solutions that are connected to it in a single system so users can easily monitor the availability, location, operation, usage, condition, and maintenance status of all their assets regardless of their type. In other words, the platform ensures that they are able to find the assets they need and access all the important information related to them from one asset tracking and management solution, eliminating the need for using multiple disparate asset tracking and management systems.

The asset tracking and management platform helps companies and businesses make sure that their assets are always available whenever they need them;  check where their assets are being used, who are using them, and how they are being used; and track lost, misplaced, late, or damaged assets. This way, they can improve the efficiency and productivity of their employees, generate the highest possible ROI on their asset investments and reduce costs, and keep operations going on and complete their projects on time.

Overview of Tenna Benefits

A Single System That Unifies Different Asset Types And Technologies

Tenna delivers an asset tracking and management platform that consolidates and unifies various types of assets and asset tracking technologies in a single system. Because of this, organizations and their employees can access any information related to their assets in real time, regardless of whether such assets are classified under small assets, mid-sized equipment, heavy machineries, or fleets. Thus, if they want to check if a particular tool is available on-site, they can do that on the same system where they are tracking the availability of a heavy-duty equipment. This eliminates the need for using multiple disparate asset tracking systems and doing redundant asset tracking activities.

Monitor The Availability Of All Your Small Assets And Tools

No matter how small they are, small assets are very important when it comes to completing projects. Small assets include chainsaws, power drills, jackhammers, compressors, surveying and testing tools, materials, and parts. Because of their size, sometimes such assets are easily misplaced, lost, or left behind. Tenna is an asset tracking and management platform that makes it easy for users to track the availability and other information related to their small assets. With Tenna, they can easily find small assets whenever they need them and prepare them for their next projects.

Attach QR Code And RFID Tracking Tags To Assets

Tenna provides users with the capability to utilize different types of small asset tracking technologies. The platform permits them to attach QR code and RFID asset tracking tags and labels to their tools and small equipment. They can use either durable QR code tags or aluminum QR code labels. These QR tags and labels can be scanned using Tenna’s asset tracking app installed on a smartphone. When it comes to RFID tags, these are asset tracking tags that automatically transmit information to readers through radio waves. Compared with QR code tags, RFID tags are used for detecting  assets and capturing asset information which is embedded on the tags even if the assets are located within 100 feet away from the readers. Thus, in RFID asset tracking, users no longer need to scan asset tracking tags. Instead, the RFID reader interacts with the RFID tags without human intervention.

Capture And Access Real-Time And Up-To-Date Asset Information

So how does QR code and RFID asset tracking helps users in monitoring the availability of their small assets and equipment? After an employee scans a QR code tag or a reader interacts with an RFID tag, Tenna collects and stores the asset information in its system. Then, whatever pieces of  information it previously stored in the system are immediately updated . As a result, users will be able to access up-to-date information such as inventory, the current location of the asset, the time and date when it is being used, and person who is using the asset. Thus, if other users want to know if a particular asset is available, they simply need to access the system and check asset details.

Bluetooth Asset Trackers

Aside from implementing QR code and RFID asset tracking, Tenna is also using Bluetooth-enabled devices. These are transmitters which can be attached to assets as well. These transmitters can connect to mobile devices. Thus, smartphones will be able to detect assets and capture asset information which are instantly stored within the system.

Track The Location, Condition, Usage, And Maintenance Needs Of Midsized Assets

Tenna offers medium-sized asset tracking capabilities that enable organizations to monitor if their powered and non-powered equipment that are often relocated are currently being used or idle, how long they are being used, if they are lost, late, or damaged, and if they need maintenance or have to be replaced. Among the assets that are considered medium-size are signboards, generators, pumps, light towers, and buckets. Organizations especially those ones who are managing a lot of assets of this type should have an efficient tracking system so they can better monitor and handle them while they are being distributed across multiple project or job sites. In addition, such system must have the capability to assist them in reducing equipment ownership, replacement, or maintenance costs.

GPS Tracking Devices And Technologies

There is no doubt that Tenna is the ideal solution for tracking and managing medium-sized assets, as it provides a system which is efficient and capable of helping users lower all asset-related costs. In fact, the platform has a set of asset tracking devices and technologies that are very useful for tracking and managing medium-sized assets. These devices and technologies include GPS, LoRa GPS, and cellular asset trackers.

GPS Asset Tracking Devices

GPS asset trackers are comprised of devices or transmitters which users can install on their medium-sized equipment and machineries. These asset trackers relay signals to a global navigation system where they are connected to. Then, the global navigation system captures the signals and delivers information that shows the exact location of the equipment as they are being moved or used.

Cellular GPS Asset Trackers

Meanwhile, cellular GPS asset trackers function like GPS asset trackers. However, instead of connecting to a global navigation system, these devices or transmitters utilize cellular networks and plans that are the same with what smartphones and tablets are using.

LoRa GPS Tracking Technologies

Another type of asset tracking technology available in Tenna is the LoRa GPS asset tracker. LoRa GPS asset trackers likewise are GPS-enabled devices or transmitters. Interestingly, asset trackers  of this type have longer life and can detect assets within long-range areas.

Heavy Equipment Asset Tracking

If Tenna supports small and medium-sized asset tracking, it’s impossible that it won’t be able to extend its features and capabilities to heavy equipment which are very critical to any type of project. What’s great about this is that users can implement all the asset tracking devices and technologies previously discussed to their heavy equipment and machineries, permitting them to attach QR code and RFID tags, apply Bluetooth asset trackers, and install GPS, cellular, and LoRa asset trackers on their heavy equipment and machineries.

For instance, when users are installing GPS asset tracking devices on their heavy equipment and machineries, Tenna provides them with the ability to install the asset trackers on equipment that do not have onboard diagnostic ports. In this case, what they will be able to capture and track is only the location of the equipment. However, if they need to gather more information about a heavy equipment such as usage hours, condition, and service and maintenance status and history; they should install the GPS asset tracking devices on heavy equipment that have onboard diagnostic ports.

Complete Visibility On Fleet Movement, Usage Hours, And Performance

Tenna’s utilization of GPS asset tracking technologies makes it a very outstanding fleet tracking and management solution. Thus, organizations can monitor the movement of their trucks and vehicles as they transfer from one project or job site to another, the entrance and exit times of the fleets; as well as access fleet information which include engine condition and vehicle speed and performance. This way, they are ensured that they can attain complete fleet visibility at all times, keep their fleets on the go, and comply with policies and regulations associated with fleet information recording and tracking.

Comprehensive Asset Tracking And Management Solution

Because Tenna combines different asset tracking technologies and solutions and asset types in a single system, it provides organizations with the ability to implement comprehensive asset tracking. This means Tenna lets them monitor and control all of their assets across all their project or job sites, storage yards, and warehouses. They will be able to identify which tools, equipment, or fleets are coming in and out and the exact areas of the site, yard or warehouse where the assets are located; and use Internet of Things (IoT) asset trackers that give them valuable and meaningful information and insights about their assets in real time and with minimal effort on their part.

An Online Marketplace With No Middleman, Commission, And Markup

Asset tracking and management involves the process of replacing or disposing assets that organizations no longer need and acquiring, buying, or renting new ones. Tenna provides a venue where this process can be smoothly carried out. This venue is called the Tenna Marketplace, and it is an online marketplace where users can sell their extra assets, assets they don’t need anymore, or those ones they are using less often. This is also the place where they can find and buy assets from other Tenna customers and even from non-Tenna customers.

A very noteworthy feature of the Tenna Markeptlace is that the transactions which are happening here doesn’t involve a middleman and users don’t have to pay for any auction, commision, or markup fees. All they need to do is to search through a list of assets based on the type, age, usage, or location of the asset they need. After that, when they found an asset or item that they are interested in, they can check its details which include photos, pricing, condition, and the owner’s contact information. Then, they can directly reach out to the owner to make inquiries, negotiate, and close the deal. If they want to sell an asset, the marketplace has a dedicated screen where they can add or delete assets with just a single click.

Overview of Tenna Features

  • One Platform For All Assets
  • See All Your Assets
  • Quickly Manage and Control Assets
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Automatic Capturing And Uploading of Asset Data
  • Monitor the Availability of Small Tools
  • QR Code and RFID Asset Tracking Tags
  • Bluetooth-enabled Asset Tracking Devices
  • Midsized Assets
  • Track and Manage Location, Usage Hours, Condition, and Maintenance Needs
  • GPS Tracking for Heavy Equipment And Machinery
  • Cellular GPS Asset Trackers
  • LoRa GPS Technologies
  • Visibility on Fleet Movement, Engine Operation, and Performance
  • Site and Yard Inventory Tracker
  • Comprehensive and Internet of Things Asset Tracking
  • Marketplace for Selling, Buying, and Renting Tools, Equipment, and Materials
  • No Middleman, Commission, and Markup

Tenna Position In Our Categories

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How Much Does Tenna Cost?

Tenna Pricing Plans:

Free Trial

Quote-based Plan

Contact vendor

Tenna doesn’t have an enterprise pricing plan but it offers SMB pricing plans which are calculated based on the number of assets within your organization that you need to track and manage, the number of users who will use the platform, and the type of solution that fits your business processes, requirements, and needs. The plans include standard and optional functionalities, implementation and training, and  services and support. Please contact the vendor to obtain a custom quote.

User Satisfaction

Positive Social Media Mentions 236
Negative Social Media Mentions 1

We realize that when you make a decision to buy Fixed Asset Management Software it’s important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also to find out if the real people and companies that buy it are actually satisfied with the product. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers customer reviews, comments and Tenna reviews across a wide range of social media sites. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with Tenna. With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.


Technical details

Devices Supported

  • Windows
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  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based


  • Cloud Hosted

Language Support

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Quote-based

Customer Types

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business

What Support Does This Vendor Offer?

  • email
  • phone
  • live support
  • training
  • tickets

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What are Tenna pricing details?

Tenna Pricing Plans:

Free Trial

Quote-based Plan

Contact vendor

Tenna doesn’t have an enterprise pricing plan but it offers SMB pricing plans which are calculated based on the number of assets within your organization that you need to track and manage, the number of users who will use the platform, and the type of solution that fits your business processes, requirements, and needs. The plans include standard and optional functionalities, implementation and training, and  services and support. Please contact the vendor to obtain a custom quote.

What integrations are available for Tenna?

Tenna supports integration with QuickBooks Online and other third-party systems though the Zapier Network.


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