SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace Review

SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace
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What is SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace?

SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace is a SaaS cyber-content platform of actionable threat detection content designed to enhance your cybersecurity management by advancing your security analytics. The cross-platform threat solution integrates powerful cybersecurity components into one coherent system.

Also called TDM, this is the largest community-based platform of cybersecurity content authors. TDM has more than 55,000 SIEM and EDR rules, Snort and Yara rules, as well as search queries that are being developed to fit in different environments, as well as thousands of ready-made and tested rules for threat detection, threat hunting, and responding to security threats. Other than Rule Packs, parsers, and SIGMA rules, TDM also natively integrates with applications, as well as offers support services for SIEM platforms. Organizations are also allowed to request for threat detection rules specifically tailored to their needs.

Additionally, the system continuously delivers rules, parsers, and machine learning models covering the latest threats, attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP), cloud security monitoring, and proactive exploit detection. The embedded Custom Data Schema/Sigma Field Mapping tool is designed to help you build custom mapping configuration for the majority of log sources and platforms that can be automatically applied to Sigma rules. A newly redesigned flow enables a smooth transition between the platforms and accessible customization of Sigma translations for various environments. Custom translations are automatically applied to the rule log names enhancing the field mapping process and preventing potential parsing errors.

TDM is also the first platform to provide access to SIEM, EDR, SOAR tools, including ArcSight, Elastic Stack, Splunk, Qualys, RSA Netwitness, Logpoint, Greylog, Microsoft Windows ATP, among others. Other than robust tools, TDM offers a rich knowledge base for defenders called ATT&CK project. Also called “framework,” this knowledge base provides defenders with an extensive library of tactics in tracking attacker techniques and advancing the maturity of threat detection and response processes. 

Trusted by more than 6,000 cybersecurity specialists, TDM is currently used by more than 3,000 organizations in 130+ countries all around the world.  TDM is also a core part of SOC Prime, which is at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation and aims to bring agile cyber defense capabilities globally. 

Overview of SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace Benefits

SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace actively uses MIRE ATT&CK framework by linking tools, techniques, and actors to SIEM rules. With the help of SIGMA language, the solution provides real-time threat hunting and forensics capabilities, as well as detection and mitigation techniques and tactics to counter different types of attacks. Below are some benefits of using TDM:

Early detection of phishing attacks

Phishing  can come in different forms, such as spearphishing attachment, link, or via service. To counter phishing messages, TMD offers the core technique of utilizing network intrusion detection systems and email gateways to detect phishing messages while still in transit, as well as block malicious activities. Using detection chambers, suspicious links are also inspected. Another part of the mitigation techniques is restricting or completely blocking access to suspicious web-based content. 

Detect and mitigate abuse of command and scripting interpreter

The execution of commands, binaries, and scripts by adversaries can be detected via proper logging of process execution. By using this technique, along with command-line arguments, users can gain access to the adversaries’ activities. 

The mitigation process for this type of attack includes code signing wherever possible. Removing or disabling unused and unnecessary interpreters or shells is also part of mitigation, along with whitelisting where appropriate.

Counter software exploitation

Software applications have their own vulnerabilities that adversaries take advantage of. Targeted exploitation can be directed to browser-based software, Office applications, and third-party apps, such as Flash and Adobe in order for adversaries to gain access to systems. For this type of attack, the execution tactic would include detection, isolation and sandboxing of application, and mitigating exploitation behavior by using security applications, such as Windows Defender Exploit Guard (WDEG) and Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET).

Detect and resolve malicious attacks on Windows native API

Adversaries can interact with Windows native API to execute attacks. As a way of detecting malicious activities and executing prevention techniques, it may be appropriate to use application whitelisting tool, such as Windows Defender Application Control, Applocker, or Software Restriction Policies

Counter adversary attacks on task/job scheduling functionality

Adversaries target scheduling applications and programs due to their recurring functionalities, which can be used to facilitate the recurring execution of malicious codes. To counter this type of attack, a combination of execution, persistence, and privilege escalation can be used. This combination of tactics involves audit, operating system configuration, and management of privileged and user accounts.

Detection and prevention of token stealing

Token stealing can lead to other attacks, such as token impersonation or creating a new process with stolen tokens. Often used by adversaries to elevate their security access from administrator to system level. Detection of this activity involves command-line activity audit and an in-depth analysis of user network activity. The mitigations techniques recommended by TDM include privileged account management to limit users and groups that can create tokens.

Fast onboarding and upskilling of new users

TDM provides users who are not yet familiar with the TDM platform an extensive list of onboarding resources. These knowledge resources include interactive guides to get started, comprehensive user guide, and videos to help new users navigate TDM’s features and functionalities. Users can also schedule a call with TDM experts for further guidance on utilizing TDM. You can also schedule for Customer Success sessions with an expert in your SIEM who can provide assistance as you upskill.

Build a sense of community through crowdsourcing development

SOC Prime TDM encourages budding and seasoned threat hunters to contribute to the community by crafting their own detection content. The platform introduces its crowdsourcing component, SOC Prime Threat Bounty Program, which has been promoting collaborative cyber defense since May 2019. By taking part in this program, developers can earn money on threat detection content of their own and help the TDM community thrive and shine.

Add a personal touch with Customer Support SLA

The SOC Prime TDM platform boasts numerous onboarding resources, such as a getting started interactive guide, an in-depth how-to user guide, and comprehensive walkthrough videos. The support service is always at your disposal that allows getting in touch in a matter of clicks. If you need more sophisticated discussions, scheduling a call with a TDM expert or Customer Success sessions with an expert in your SIEM can streamline your upskilling.

Overview of SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace Features

  • Threat intelligence
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Incident management
  • AI and machine learning technology
  • Forensic analysis
  • Log management and monitoring
  • User activity monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Application security
  • Compliance reporting
  • SIEM, EDR and SOAR tools
  • SIEM and EDR rules and queries
  • SOC ready dashboards
  • Multiple integrations
  • API access

What Problems Will SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace Solve?

Problem #1: Poor threat detection tools

John, the head of the security team, is looking for ways on how to strengthen threat detection capacities and enhance his company’s Managed Security services. His ambition is to find scalable end-to-end solutions that will protect enterprise data across all business areas. One of the challenges he has faced is finding exclusive content for security monitoring tools based on the Elastic Stack. Luckily, he has come across SOC Prime and its cross-platform content marketplace.

Solution: Enhancing Managed Security services with powerful threat detection tools

John has found that a bunch of onboarding materials helped him kickstart his TDM mastery and upskill with ease. Still, he has been eager to delve deeper into the platform and explore new ways on how to make the most of the Elastic Stack integration. Leveraging advanced support services included in the subscription plan, John has arranged remote Customer Success sessions with a SIEM expert and honed his platform skills. With TDM and SOC Prime’s SOC Workflow App for the Elastic Stack, John’s company has managed to reduce the mean time to detect cyber attacks. With detection rules offered by TDM, John’s security team can now map the most relevant attack vectors directly into the company’s service.

  • Features: Cross-platform support and scalability, native Elastic Stack components, SOC Workflow App with SOAR and alert prioritization capabilities, enhanced Customer Support SLA.

Problem #2: Minimizing losses in the financial industry

Keith works for a bank as an Information Security Analyst. The banking sector is a tempting target for attackers, and minimizing the risk of financial losses is a key responsibility of the Information Security Team. Keith is constantly doing tons of research into the most recent cyber attacks. The cybersecurity sphere is never stable, and keeping up with all the intricacies of advanced cyber threats is what it takes to be a seasoned cyber guru. There has been an outbreak of Ursnif activity, and banks are on the alert trying to withstand this banking trojan. Keith is all involved. Still, finding proper analytical content and doing its insightful research with attackers’ techniques can be rather time-consuming that results in constant workload. Luckily, Keith has found a solution by signing up for SOC Prime TDM.

Solution: Leverage TDM capabilities in the financial industry at the earliest stages of the threat lifecycle

The subscription to the platform helps her find threat-specific content mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework and covering numerous Techniques that attackers use to spread Ursnif. Keith has also configured her own content filter with the Rule Master tool to streamline the search for specific detection rules. With TDM, Keith and her organization can now stay safe.

  • Features: MITRE ATT&CK coverage, analytical content availability, streamlined content search capabilities.

Problem #3: It’s not always easy finding a way to work with community values for strengthening cyber defense

Markus has been in the security field for more than 10 years working as a SOC Operations Specialist and then the SOC Team Lead. Writing threat detection content has always been his passion.

Solution: Participate in SOC Prime Threat Bounty Program

Participation in SOC Prime Threat Bounty Program has instantly sparked his interest. He is a keen supporter of the idea that sharing expertise among researchers and peer threat hunters helps catch up with the attackers’ pace.

At TDM, Markus has found the “Wanted” list with requests and votes for the most expected content and started crafting his own rules. He has appreciated that rules get published only after a thorough review by the SOC Prime Content Team that adds to the quality of the TDM content. Markus has noticed that this program is a brilliant opportunity for developers to be in the public eye, mature, earn money, and make their own contribution to the cybersecurity field. With SOC Prime TDM, Markus has crafted verified content tailored to the needs of organizations voting for these particular content items.

  • Features: SOC Prime Threat Bounty Program for developers, Wanted list with the most expected content.

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SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace Position In Our Categories

Keeping in mind companies have their own business-related demands, it is only rational that they abstain from deciding on an all-encompassing, ideal system. Nevertheless, it is futile to try to pinpoint such a software solution even among popular software solutions. The correct step to do should be to narrow down the numerous main functions that merit consideration such as critical features, budget, technical skill aptitude of staff, business size, etc. The second step is, you must do the research exhaustively. Go over some SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace evaluations and explore each of the software programs in your list in detail. Such all-encompassing product investigation ascertains you weed out mismatched software solutions and select the system that meets all the tools your business requires.

Position of SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace in our main categories:

SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace is also listed in the following subcategories:

Organizations have diverse needs and requirements and no software platform can be ideal in such a scenario. It is pointless to try to find an ideal out-of-the-box software app that fulfills all your business needs. The smart thing to do would be to modify the solution for your special wants, worker skill levels, budget, and other elements. For these reasons, do not hurry and invest in well-publicized trendy systems. Though these may be widely used, they may not be the ideal fit for your specific requirements. Do your groundwork, look into each short-listed platform in detail, read a few SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace IT Security Software reviews, contact the seller for clarifications, and finally select the application that presents what you need.

How Much Does SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace Cost?

SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace Pricing Plans:

Free Trial

The pricing for SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace’s subscription plans is quote-based. You need to contact the vendor to work out a plan that matches your organization’s needs.

User Satisfaction

Positive Social Media Mentions 0
Negative Social Media Mentions 0

We realize that when you make a decision to buy IT Security Software it’s important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also to find out if the real people and companies that buy it are actually satisfied with the product. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers customer reviews, comments and SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace reviews across a wide range of social media sites. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace. With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.

Technical details

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based


  • Cloud Hosted
  • Open API

Language Support

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Quote-based

Customer Types

  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business

What Support Does This Vendor Offer?

  • email
  • phone
  • live support
  • training
  • tickets

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What are SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace pricing details?

SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace Pricing Plans:

Free Trial

The pricing for SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace’s subscription plans is quote-based. You need to contact the vendor to work out a plan that matches your organization’s needs.

What integrations are available for SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace?

SOC Prime TMD integrates with multiple security tools and platforms. Below are some of them:

  • Microsoft Azure Sentinel
  • Splunk
  • Elastic
  • Sumo Logic
  • RSA NetWitness
  • LogPoint
  • Humio
  • QRadar
  • ArcSight
  • Graylog
  • Microsoft
  • PowerShell
  • Regex Grep
  • Microsoft Defender ATP
  • Carbon Black
  • CrowdStrike
  • Qualys
  • Corelight / Zeek

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