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What is ggplot2?

ggplot2 is a data exploration and visualization platform developed by Hadley Wickham based on the principles defined in the Grammar of Graphics (Wilkinson, 2005).

Written in R, ggplot2 is created on the theoretical division of graphs into semantic components. This approach of managing elements of a graph individually and creating the features up in a string of layers allows for versatility and control that is both unparalleled and unmatched.

ggplot2 is a proven solution for declaratively building graphics, using the principles written in The Grammar of Graphics. Users simply supply the information and provide the specifics to ggplot2 such as how to map variables to aesthetics, and what graphical primitives to utilize, and ggplot2 will take care of the rest.

Overview of ggplot2 Benefits

ggplot2 provides you with a comprehensive system that is very straightforward with your plotting needs. For professionals whose work involves mountains of data, making plots is essential and no platform other than ggplot2 is more capable of creating both simpple and complex data visualizations using the GG (Grammar of Graphics) approach.

Most users have to work with multiple data visualization platforms especially when they require more complexity. With ggplot2, you only have to use a single system as it gives you the power to make layered plots if you want to build complex visualizations.

Plotting is exploratory most of the time. ggplot2 allows you to explore more with ease. You can add complexity to your visualizations effortlessly, like faceting, and remove them with the same degree of ease.

Other systems may also offer the same functionality but it requires tons of manual work that isn’t easy to undo. And if you decide to get back to a simpler version of the plot, you will find yourself knee-deep in coding work.

Another reason why many users opt to use ggplot2 over other similar systems is that the default colors and aesthetics are more pleasing and nicer. Elements such as axis titles, tickmarks, margins and points in ggplot2 look cooler, even when in default settings.

With ggplot2, you can save plots (or the beginnings of a plot) as objects. This is an awesome functionality, especially when you want to create a number of slightly different versions of the same basic plot and you don’t want to repeat a lot of code.

Overview of ggplot2 Features

  • Automatic legends, colors, etc.
  • Easy two-color gradients to distinguish positive and negative values in GAM surfaces.
  • Easy access to ribbons with transparency, for confidence intervals.
  • Combine multiple data sets into a single graph
  • Large variety of customizable smoothing overlays
  • Handsome default settings.
  • Approach your graph from a visual perspective
  • Turn a Cartesian graph into a polar graph with a single statement.
  • Store any ggplot2 object for modification or future recall.
  • Easy superposition (boxplot + points + lines + …)
  • Easy facetting
  • Easy legend
  • Object-oriented graph
  • Beautiful default parameters
  • Theme support
  • Facile facetting
  • Luscious layering
  • Pretty and elaborate graphs

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ggplot2 is one of the top 10 Data Visualization Software products


ggplot2 is one of the 10
Data Visualization Software products

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How Much Does ggplot2 Cost?

Contact ggplot2 for information on their basic and enterprise pricing options.

User Satisfaction

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Devices Supported
  • Web-based
Language Support
  • English
Pricing Model
  • Quote-based
Customer Types
  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Freelancers
  • Open API

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What are ggplot2 pricing details?

Contact ggplot2 for information on their basic and enterprise pricing options.

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