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What is Quire?

Quire is a free, modern task management app for creative teams. It lets you map out your big ideas, break them down into small steps, and tackle them one by one with your team. The system aims to reduce the burden of managing complex and time-consuming projects by simply breaking those into smaller and more manageable units, and letting teams prioritize between them in any preferred manner. Rather than being exclusively focused on function, Quire also pays attention to form, which is why it offers one of the best-organized and easiest to navigate interfaces in this industry.

The core distinctive advantage of Quire is its unique tree structure. This system won’t require users to abide to traditional task segregation methods, but rather invite them to jot down their ideas and transform them into actionable items on the way. This function makes Quire a unique performer when it comes to relating tasks and subtasks, as the system does this independently, and all you have to do is to let good plans flow in. Unlike most similar products, Quire won’t restrict the number of tasks and subtasks you can manage, and it will grow in parallel with your assignments without you paying a dime to get it. Quire also adapts to Kanban boards should you prefer this methodology.

Quire is a free-to-use application, and offers no enterprise pricing plans for the moment. Meanwhile, prospective users are invited to subscribe for the service, either by downloading the dedicated iOS—just updated to version 2.0 — and Android app, or getting a Chrome extension to manage assignments in the office. The number of users in the system is not restricted either, and they are all assigned a custom role by the manager, with the appropriate permissions.

Another thing that makes Quire a very competent player in its field is the presence of excellent collaboration features. With descriptions, comments, and statuses being added to each project or task, team members can collaborate actively on all matters that concern them, and they can even exchange files thanks to the system’s Google integrations. At the same time, Quire will connect with Slack to enable chatting between the employees, and also integrate easily with the camera and Siri on mobile phones.

Intuitive and inspired by social media’s exceptionally popular navigation methods, Quire won’t be a burden to learn for any member of your team. Instead, it will be up and running from the first moment you’ve set it up, and introduce a number of facilitating features such as status tracking and task filtering. Just in case, the vendor prepared a detailed introductory guide to assist novice users with tips and practices, and also offers email support to provide a fast answer to any question.

Overview of Quire Benefits

The instant benefit all teams experience when introduced to Quire is time-efficiency. The system was design to simplify the execution and delivery of complex and critical projects, mostly by giving executors the freedom to choose their modus operandi, and add up ideas as they come along. Quire eliminates all chance of getting stuck in an assignment whirlpool, as it possesses just the right features to keep everyone on board alert on everything. All of this, packed with a notably simplified interface ensures an excellent traction between Quire and its customers, be those the crew of an ambitious startup, or the upper management teams of world-known enterprises.

Is Quire what you’re looking for? Let’s check:

A unique tree-structure with unlimited tasks and subtasks

The struggle of traditional project management tools is usually (if not always), losing track of their tasks’ progress due to improper arrangement. Quire solves this problem by introducing a unique and fairly liberal tree structure where users can add unlimited tasks and subtasks, and prioritize them in any way. This enables them to bundle in ideas as they come to their mind, and turn them into actionable items with a single click. In such way, Quire ensures no good plan is about to slide through the cracks.

All-in-one transparent workspace

To ensure that everyone on board is on the same page, Quire deviated from standard project-task hierarchies, and collected all of the work to be done in a single, accessible console. Namely, its transparent workspace consists of 3 panels: the left panel where all projects are listed; a middle panel that contains all the tasks per project; and the right panel that reveals details and all other relevant information. The projects, tasks, and subtasks are presented with all relevant information, and have their own description, comments, start and due date & time, assignee, priority, status, etc. Team members are also allowed to create separate groups to work on a specific task, and name them the way they want.

No restrictions

What large enterprises like the most about Quire is that it doesn’t restrict the number of tasks and subtasks to be added to their projects. In fact, they can jot down ideas as they think of them, and add those up on the go, which comes especially handy when working on creative assignments that don’t really have a fixed structure.

Designed for flawless collaboration

Quire’s team understand the need for project management teams to stay connected at all times, which is why it facilitates their communication in a variety of ways. Team members will not only be able to access project data at any time, but also be assigned roles with the exact permissions needed to accomplish their work. For the purpose, Quire offers a dedicated comment area where they can exchange opinions and share new ideas; and makes it possible to embed attachments from local databases or Google Drive.  With comments, they are per task based and reflect real-time, live discussion like chat. The integration with Slack, on the other hand, makes it possible for employees to interact in real time, engage someone in an important discussion, and get instant notifications on any change that matters to them. In fact, Quire made it possible to add a project/task directly in a Slack channel. In a nutshell, Quire is a perfect alternative for decentralized and remote teams.

Staying in control of your teams’ performance

As the manager of large and decentralized teams, you will certainly appreciate Quire’s capacity to keep you on top of all developments. The visual graphs, charts and summary lets you see at glance of each project’s status and member’s performance.  The system records the activities and accomplishments of each time member all along, which means you can filter them any time and see how they’re progressing. Another handy feature is that you can assign roles and permissions to each team member.

A possibility to invite external members

Quire will also do a great job granting you the support you need, as it allows you to invite external members to work on specific tasks and to collaborate with your team. Guest members’ roles and permissions are also governed by the admin, which means they can either only follow the progress of the project, or make direct contributions. Many companies are using this function to outsource tasks to external workers and freelancers.

Share projects with clients without them signup

Quire’s “Shared Links” feature makes it easy for you to collaborate with your clients. Sometimes, clients have their own habits and now, you don’t need to ask them to change. Instead of asking them to sign up Quire, you can get them to view your Quire project with one single invitation link, and zero effort on their part.

No-brainer interface

With Quire, it doesn’t really matter how experienced you are with using PM applications. The system is very intuitive and open for customization, and ensures a spotless navigation experience for every user. The clean interface lets users find anything they need, at any time (they can also use a Filter function to sort out their projects and tasks), and prides itself with an easily adoptable project hierarchy brought down to a single page.

A support team you can rely on

Despite of it being one of the easiest task management systems on the market, Quire still ensured that novice users will have a hand in need. The company offers a detailed introductory guide with tips and best practices, and a database of frequently asked questions (FAQs) that can solve your query prior to reaching out to support. While using their services, you can also send them an email and get an instant solution.

All the integrations you need

To blend with ease in your current software ecosystem, Quire was connected to a number of useful third-party apps and productivity systems. Slack is only an example, as Quire works in harmony with Google Drive, Google Calendar, iOS calendar, and Siri; and also offers a Chrome extension and Markdown and CSS styles. For more details, please contact support.

An efficient asset you don’t have to pay for

Unlike what one’d expect from free-to-use software, Quire doesn’t compromise on the quality of the features it provides. Current users are impressed by the efficiency of the system, as they get a fully-functional, collaborative, and mobile task manager where they can manage all their tasks without paying for it.

Overview of Quire Features

  • Tree structure with unlimited tasks and subtasks
  • Transparent all-in-one workspace
  • Description, comments, start and due date & time, assignee, tags, priority, status for each task
  • Real-time, Instant Collaboration
  • Inviting external members and contributors
  • Share projects with clients without them sign up
  • Intuitive and easy to use (getting started guide is available)
  • Integration with Camera and Siri on iPhone
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Smart folder + Filter feature
  • iOS 2.0 and Android mobile apps
  • Kanban board

What Problems Will Quire Solve?

1. Capture Your Ideas Anytime, Anywhere

Turn All Your Ideas into Small Actionable Items

It’s Tuesday morning. Brian is driving his car and on his work to the office. Suddenly, an idea hits him. Without even using his hands, he simply calls “Hey Siri, add brainstorm ideas in Quire.” Then, when he gets to the office, he can work on this newly-added task and further breaks it down if necessary in front of a his computer.

Feature: Integration with Camera and Siri on iPhone

2.  Break Down Your Ideas into Actionable Items

It is 10:00 am. After Brian got into the office and sat at his desk, he can look at the ideas he thought of last night and while driving to work, organize, reorder them whenever necessary via drag-and-drop, and divide them until they are small enough for execution.

Feature: Unlimited hierarchical tasks and subtasks

3.  Stay On Top of Everything

It is Monday, 3:00 pm. Kevin and his team members are in a weekly meeting. To know what each of them did in the past week, and how much has been completed in the project they are working on, Kevin simply filters by assignee, and go to the project’s Profile view to check the performance on his laptop connected to the overhead screen. There is no need of asking around, or sniffing through papers.

Feature: Filter

4. Grant Permissions to Members, and Outsource to External Members

Megan is leading a team of about 20 people to work on their new product. Sometimes, she does not want everyone on the team to have the ability to make changes, such as complete tasks, delete tasks, or change their due dates. Not just that, sometimes the team needs to hire a helping hand with their design and contents. For the former case, as an Admin member, Megan can grant different roles to the team’s members. Take a Guest member for example; he or she can only view the project and leave comments in tasks. For the latter, she can “outsource” tasks to third parties (eg., freelancers). This way, these so-called external members (teams) can only work on tasks assigned to them, and not be able to see the rest of the tasks in the project.

Feature: Roles & Permissions

5. See All My Tasks At Once in A Single Place

Jane is currently part of many projects, including the Design, RD and Marketing projects. Instead of going into each project to see what she needs to do for today, she wants a single view which lists out the tasks she needs to get done for the day. With the My Tasks feature, she can see all tasks from all projects that are assigned to her. And with the Smart Folder feature, as a project manager, she can look at all tasks from different projects she cares about. Using filter, she can look a specific group of tasks that have for example been updated this week.

Feature: My Tasks and Smart Folder

6. Quire Mark III: Nested Tasks Meets Board

For years, many Quire users have enjoyed “nested tasks” to see and organize their ideas into a well-planned list of small, actionable to-dos.

Now, with Kanban board, execution on your to-dos is made even easier. You can focus on your daily, prioritized tasks in a visual representation of your workflow, and at any time switch to see the big picture of your actionable plan.

7. Quire iOS 2.0: New Features and Even Greater Performance

Quire is taking its platform to another level with Quire iOS 2.0, not only adding new features but also enhancing it for better consistency and better UX so you can enjoy the same experience across all devices.

  • Multi-Select Tasks. You can now select multiple tasks simultaneously to bulk assign tasks. For example, you can select 15 tasks to give them the same due date at once without going into each task one by one — which is insanely tedious. There are two ways to multi-select tasks: long tap a task, or swipe a task from the right edge of your iPhone/iPad’s screen. Then, you can tap on any icon in the menu bar for batch operation.
  • Customizable Filters. Filtering has never been this flexible and easy with multiple criteria/conditions. For example, you can filter tasks by priority and multiple tags at the same time. You can also tap the “star” icon on the right of the filter to save this filtered view for later use.
  • Dark Theme. To help you work more comfortably, Quire added a Dark Theme that you can switch to in “My Profile” settings.
  • Performance and Stability. With Quire’s milestone upgrade to iOS 2.0, you will enjoy an even faster speed, and an even more stable Quire. For example, it is now at least 200% faster to open the sidebar and switch to another project.
  • Breadcrumbs. Not just when you sort and filter — In Quire iOS 2.0, you can see the breadcrumbs — aka parent tasks, grandparent tasks, etc. — of each task after you filter by Status, including In Progress and Completed, in landscape mode.
  • Better Consistency, Better UX Experience. With the iOS 2.o upgrade, Quire has enhanced its iOS app, matching it to its web app for better consistency and better UX experience.Specifically, the the assignee, date, tag, priority, etc., icons are now in the same location as those in the web app to save you time from familiarizing with them.

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Since each organization has particular business needs, it is advisable for them to abstain from looking for a one-size-fits-all faultless software system. Needless to say, it would be futile to try to find such a platform even among popular software platforms. The clever thing to do would be to list the various important elements that require consideration such as main features, budget, skill levels of employees, company size etc. Then, you should do your groundwork thoroughly. Read some Quire reviews and investigate each of the other solutions in your shortlist in detail. Such exhaustive groundwork can make certain you discard ill-fitting systems and choose the system that provides all the aspects you need for business success.

How Much Does Quire Cost?

Quire Pricing Plans:
Free trial

Quire is a free-to-use application, and offers no enterprise pricing plans for the moment. For more information, please contact the vendor.

User Satisfaction

We realize that when you make a decision to buy Task Management Software it’s important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also to find out if the real people and companies that buy it are actually satisfied with the product. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers customer reviews, comments and Quire reviews across a wide range of social media sites. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with Quire. With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.






Technical details

Devices Supported
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
Language Support
  • English
  • German
  • Portugese
Pricing Model
  • Free
Customer Types
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Freelancers
  • Cloud Hosted

What Support Does This Vendor Offer?


Quire User Reviews

What are Quire pricing details?

Quire Pricing Plans:
Free trial

Quire is a free-to-use application, and offers no enterprise pricing plans for the moment. For more information, please contact the vendor.

What integrations are available for Quire?

Quire offers the following integration options:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • GitHub
  • Slack
  • Markdown and CSS styles
  • Chrome Extension
  • iCal
  • Outlook Calendar

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