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What is TouchWorks EHR?

TouchWorks EHR is a cloud-based electronic health care record system that offers flexible features. Designed with the capability to be integrated with other software systems through its easy to use application programming interfaces or APIs and built to offer a mobile EHR solution to physicians ideally for ambulatory settings, this EHR solution is recommended for medium-size to large practices, and is used by multi-specialty clinics and academic medical centers.

Supporting ICD-10 Coding and ensuring Meaningful Use compliance, Allscripts TouchWorks EHR aims to improve the efficiency of physicians and their nursing assistants by utilization of functionalities such as  allowing users to generate clinical notes and control their content according to their preferred style, view charts in different ways, and  fast and accurate documentation , ordering, prescribing as well as diagnosis.

Overview of TouchWorks EHR Benefits

A prominent feature of Allscripts TouchWorks EHR which automates workflow is how it aids physicians and their staff to manage their tasks. The EHR system displays the task list and task bucket for easy access. Access to task list allows users to view the patient worklist where they can verify patient results, lab tests, Rx renewal requests, and messages from their staff.

To verify a lab test, users can queue verify all the needed lab tests for a given patient and sign them all at once. For Rx renewal requests, physicians can view direct prescription referral from pharmacies which includes sig, medication, and the number of refills. This feature allows users to approve or deny refill requests from patients. The patient worklist also shows action required items in which physicians can view, respond, and send comments to messages delivered by their nursing assistant which can be related to inquiries by patients and other requests.

Another feature of Allscripts TouchWorks EHR is its functionality to create order groups. Through this feature, users can efficiently set up order groups which consist of labs, X-rays, instructions and other items which are not limited to labs. For instance, if a physician wants to create an order group for hypertension, he or she would add specific labs and items to a favorites list such as CBC (complete blood count), CPK (Creatine Phosphokinase),  and Lipid Panel-Coronary Risk. Once they are added to favorites, the physician then can import them to the order group he created for hypertension. This feature allows users to efficiently work on their patient problems with maximum comfort.

Since the software has flexible note taking functionality, users can also add note forms inside a note. This feature highlights a form selector that enables physicians to pull up speciality-specific note forms which are created or loaded in the software. To illustrate this feature, if the physician wants to add a note form related to particular problem under the history of present illness, he or she can pull up all the appropriate forms.

For  instance, if the problem is Acute UTI, the software would display forms which include Urinary Frequency, Urinary Retention, UTI Chronic, and UTI Recurrent. Within these note forms, users can free text information or make selections. This flexible feature enables users to be more productive with enhanced efficiency in documentation and charting.

Overview of TouchWorks EHR Features

  • Task Bucket and Patient Task Worklist
  • Order Groups
  • Flexible Notes
  • Input Flexibility
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Mobile Access
  • Eprescribing
  • Meaningful Use Support
  • Population Health Support
  • ICD-10 Coding
  • HIPAA Compliant

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TouchWorks EHR is one of the top 20 EHR Softwareproducts


TouchWorks EHR is one of the 20
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Companies have unique wants and requirements and no software solution can be just right in such a scenario. It is futile to try to find a perfect out-of-the-box software app that meets all your business wants. The wise thing to do would be to customize the solution for your specific needs, staff member skill levels, finances, and other elements. For these reasons, do not hasten and pay for well-publicized trendy systems. Though these may be widely used, they may not be the ideal fit for your unique wants. Do your research, check out each short-listed application in detail, read a few TouchWorks EHR reviews, contact the maker for explanations, and finally settle for the app that offers what you want.

How Much Does TouchWorks EHR Cost?

TouchWorks EHR Pricing Plans:
Free trial
Quote-based Plan
Contact vendor

TouchWorks EHR’s enterprise pricing information is available only upon request. Contact the company for more details, and ask for your quote.

User Satisfaction

We realize that when you make a decision to buy EHR Software it’s important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also to find out if the real people and companies that buy it are actually satisfied with the product. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers customer reviews, comments and TouchWorks EHR reviews across a wide range of social media sites. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with TouchWorks EHR. With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.





Technical details

Devices Supported
  • Windows
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
Language Support
  • English
Pricing Model
  • Quote-based
Customer Types
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Cloud Hosted

What Support Does This Vendor Offer?


What are TouchWorks EHR pricing details?

TouchWorks EHR Pricing Plans:
Free trial
Quote-based Plan
Contact vendor

TouchWorks EHR’s enterprise pricing information is available only upon request. Contact the company for more details, and ask for your quote.

What integrations are available for TouchWorks EHR?

Allscripts TouchWorks EHR supports the following integrations:

  • Mobile Wound Care
  • Merck Manuals Info Button Solution
  • LogiCoy PDMP
  • Medication Essentials Fact Sheets
  • Micromedex Patient Education
  • Micromedex Clinical Knowledge
  • Medlio
  • Mortara
  • MyLinks
  • Healthwise
  • epitomyze
  • SmartCare
  • Hale Health
  • Canvas
  • Infera
  • Instant Medical History (IMH)
  • Coding InSight
  • Stryker Data Management System
  • Protivantage
  • Tricefy
  • Rice Lake Weighing Systems
  • Juxly Timeline
  • unisonMD
  • Diabetes eSupport
  • CheckinAsyst
  • CareSync
  • ChartScout
  • ImageSmart
  • BeaconLBS
  • AvHanaHealth
  • MDOps
  • ForMation
  • QueueDr
  • Talksoft
  • ePatientFinder
  • AnesthesiaOS
  • eFiler
  • Point of Care
  • NoteSwift
  • IntegraCoder
  • HealthBanks eNewsletter
  • Healthwise
  • RespondWell
  • AwareDoc
  • ActX
  • Friendly
  • mHealthCoach
  • Relaymed
  • QIS Inform
  • Chart2PDF
  • Apixio
  • ly
  • WELL365plus
  • PatientLink
  • Elsevier Inorder
  • CORALink
  • CORAVault
  • Oberd
  • Health Desk
  • YouScript
  • WelchAllyn
  • Phreesia
  • seca
  • ndd
  • webECG
  • MedSocket I-CDS
  • MedeFile
  • BIO-key ID Director
  • Health o meter
  • SurgicalValet
  • eCalcs
  • Dragonfly
  • DMEHub
  • Entrada Mobile Documentation
  • Charlie Swoop

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