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What is Ara?

Ara is a modern, mobile-based digital receptionist that helps you manage visitors to your premises. It has a varied host of features that include a real-time dashboard, a multi-location management module, insights, a meeting scheduler, and a host notification system.

With Ara, visitors no longer have to queue in front of the reception. They only have to state their purpose for visit to Ara and sign in their belongings. The latter is essential in ensuring the security of your premises as well as to secure the properties of visitors.

What’s more, to protect your organization’s intellectual property and other sensitive information, you can ask your visitors to sign an NDA. Ara prompts visitors to sign this document electronically before they are allowed to proceed further. Thus, you can count on Ara to help you oversee the flow of visitors into your buildings or grounds.

Overview of Ara Benefits

Real-Time Dashboard

Ara lets you see who the visitors at your premises are at any time. You can do so via the solution’s dashboard, which is updated in real time. This means that as soon as a new individual signs in, you can see this data on your monitor. This helps you ensure the security of your employees as well as protect sensitive information that may be detrimental to your operations.

Multiple Location Management

You can deploy Ara to multiple locations. This helps you create a consistent experience for your visitors and eases your administrative tasks. To that end, Ara assists you in overseeing visitor traffic in all of your locations. You can do this from a single window, thus you can be efficient.

Appointment Scheduling

Apart from walk-ins, Ara can support scheduled appointments. This enables employees to set meetings ahead as well as pre-register their visitors. This is beneficial since the expected parties no longer have to go through the entire visitor process. Rather, they only have to undergo the last steps such as signing the NDA and getting their visitor badge. This helps save time and allows maximum productivity.

Instant Host Notifications

As soon as an expected visitor signs in, Ara notifies the host via SMS, email, or instant message. The digital receptionist also does the same for walk-ins who specify the name of the employee they wish to visit. With this, the host can get ready before the visitor reaches their floor.

Overview of Ara Features

  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Multi-location Management
  • Custom Interface
  • Multiple Visitor Types
  • Frequent Visitors & Quick Sign-in
  • Visitor Belongings Monitoring
  • Photo Capture & Visitor Badges
  • NDA & Electronic Signature
  • Host Notification
  • Employee Directory
  • Meeting Scheduler & Pre-registration
  • Visitor Insights

What Problems Will Ara Solve?

Ara offers solutions to three business issues: work efficiency, security, and data collection and measurement. Since Ara can welcome the visitor and notify the host of their arrival, the employee concerned can be ready for the meeting immediately. Additionally, desk executives and managers have more time to deal with other tasks.

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Each company is different, and may need a specific Visitor Management Software solution that will be adjusted to their business size, type of customers and staff and even particular niche they deal with. We advise you don't count on locating an ideal services that will be suitable for each business no matter what their background is. It may be a good idea to read a few Ara reviews first and even then you should pay attention to what the service is supposed to do for your business and your workers. Do you need a simple and intuitive solution with just basic functions? Will you actually make use of the advanced functionalities needed by pros and large enterprises? Are there any particular features that are especially practical for the industry you operate in? If you ask yourself these questions it is going to be much easier to find a trustworthy solution that will fit your budget.

How Much Does Ara Cost?

Ara Pricing Plans:
Free trial

Ara has a straightforward enterprise pricing. Beginning at ₹2500 per location every month, you can leverage the digital receptionist technology at your premises’ lobbies.

User Satisfaction

We realize that when you make a decision to buy Visitor Management Software it’s important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also to find out if the real people and companies that buy it are actually satisfied with the product. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers customer reviews, comments and Ara reviews across a wide range of social media sites. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with Ara. With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.






Technical details

Devices Supported
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Web-based
Language Support
  • English
  • Hindi
Pricing Model
  • Monthly payment
  • Quote-based
Customer Types
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Cloud Hosted

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What are Ara pricing details?

Ara Pricing Plans:
Free trial

Ara has a straightforward enterprise pricing. Beginning at ₹2500 per location every month, you can leverage the digital receptionist technology at your premises’ lobbies.

What integrations are available for Ara?

Ara can integrate with your Active Directory account.

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