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What is High Point Fleet GPS Tracking?

High Point Fleet GPS Tracking is a robust and extensive GPS tracking solution, providing fleet managers, drivers, and maintenance personnel with a comprehensive platform that enables them to monitor their vehicle’s location in real-time and records their truck activities and progress then displays their breadcrumb trail on a web portal. On top of that, the system records and analyzes driver behavior to determine if he is performing on a level that maximized fuel and truck efficiency while at the same time, complying traffic rules and regulations.

High Point Fleet GPS Tracking makes dispatching and messaging between drivers and dispatchers. Dispatchers can easily send efficient routes to drivers in the field via their mobile devices or their Garmin GPS set. Aside from routes, dispatchers can assign stops, deliver messages and updates, and receive real-time notifications of their drivers’ progress.

Overview of High Point Fleet GPS Tracking Benefits

High Point Fleet GPS Tracking is an online platform created to enable companies to manage fleet vehicles on the field in actual time. The software offers real-time GPS tracking capabilities, readily providing you the exact location of your trucks, trailers, and containers.

An advanced tracking device in installed in each vehicle, which is on constant connected with cellular networks and satellite systems. This tracking device delivers real time vehicle location updates, giving fleet managers the real-time location of their vehicles. High Point Fleet GPS Tracking comes with the Route Manager functionality that enables users to readily see actual vehicle locations. You can also personalize vehicles by type, usage type, color, etc. to easily distinguish them on the map.

Dispatchers will definitely love High Point Fleet GPS Tracking’s dispatching feature. This capability makes it quick and easy for dispatchers to locate an address, find the nearest fleet asset to a meet-up location, and transmit the location and other information to the driver. All of these details will be seen on the device of all concerned drivers at the same time as a benefit of the app’s two-way messaging feature. In effect, using High Point Fleet GPS Tracking’s dispatch functionality virtually removes the inevitable delays inherent in SMS messaging. Fleet assets can access this feature in any communication gadgets that drivers use such as tablets and mobile. Its truck routing feature also gives directions to ensure that vehicles never get off-track.

Overview of High Point Fleet GPS Tracking Features

  • Instant Two-Way Communication (Messaging and Dispatching)
  • Route and Vehicle Visualization
  • Real-Time Stop Status
  • Garmin and Android/iOS Compatibility
  • Driver Behavior/Green Driving
  • Compliant Electronic LogBook
  • Web Portal

What Problems Will High Point Fleet GPS Tracking Solve?

Fleet Managers today are under pressure to minimize fleet costs, but many do not have the necessary information at their fingertips to make informed decisions. Fleet management technology provides managers with the tools they need to better manage their drivers and vehicles on a daily basis. Such information, together with the appropriate follow-up by management, can help achieve notable cost savings. The key challenges that fleet manager’s face on a daily basis include:

1. Unnecessary Driver Idling

While Fleet Manager’s recognize unnecessary idling can be a significant contribution to those excessive operating costs, not all Fleet Managers know the extent of their fleet idling or what areas they should focus on. The High Point GPS solution can enable Fleet Managers to:

  • Visualize total fleet idling
  • Measure idling in the yard, at customer stops, drop off locations
  • Understand idling as a percentage of total engine time
  • Monitor weekly and monthly idling trends with easy to use custom reports

Fleet Managers equipped with this knowledge can more easily identify the drivers, vehicles, and locations that exceed acceptable levels of idling and take corrective action. Reducing unnecessary idling is a simple way to reduce fuel costs.

2. Repairs and Maintenance

Fleet repairs and vehicle downtime are an expensive cost that Fleet Managers deal with on a daily basis. Managing these costs can be a major challenge. Using the High Point GPS solution Fleet Managers can:

  • View vehicle diagnostic trouble codes right from a desktop or mobile device
  • Identify potential vehicle issues in a timely manner which can assist in prioritizing repairs

Set up regular maintenance reminders: When Fleet Managers act on this information, they can more efficiently manage vehicle maintenance and identify vehicle issues before they become major repairs. This can help reduce major repair costs and vehicle downtime which is an integral part to all operations. In addition, regular maintenance on vehicles can potentially prolong the life of major vehicle parts as well as increase the longevity of a vehicle.

3. Fleet Productivity

Are you getting the most out of your fleet? Maximizing one’s fleet potential is a goal that Fleet Managers continuously aim to achieve. High Point GPS fleet management solution can provide great insight into the productivity of a fleet:

  • Fleet utilization visibility
  • Number of customer stops made in a day
  • Time spent at the office versus customer site
  • Real time dispatch and ability to identify nearest vehicle to a location
  • Driver’s congregating reporting

4. Routing

Knowing the utilization of vehicles and gaining insight into the routes taken each day can help management recognize where changes are needed to improve the efficiency of the fleet and avoid unnecessary miles driven. Having access to such valuable information can help Fleet Managers make more informed decisions on new vehicle purchases. For example, vehicles identified as not in use can be re-assigned to locations that require additional vehicles, thus sometimes eliminating the need to make unnecessary big purchases.

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High Point Fleet GPS Tracking is one of the 200
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How Much Does High Point Fleet GPS Tracking Cost?

High Point Fleet GPS Tracking Pricing Plans:
Free trial
Quote-based Plan
Contact vendor

Contact High Point Fleet GPS Tracking for enterprise pricing information and other product details. You can also submit a request for a demo to see if the software is a perfect fit for your business.

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Technical details

Devices Supported
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
Language Support
  • English
Pricing Model
  • Quote-based
Customer Types
  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Cloud Hosted

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What are High Point Fleet GPS Tracking pricing details?

High Point Fleet GPS Tracking Pricing Plans:
Free trial
Quote-based Plan
Contact vendor

Contact High Point Fleet GPS Tracking for enterprise pricing information and other product details. You can also submit a request for a demo to see if the software is a perfect fit for your business.

What integrations are available for High Point Fleet GPS Tracking?

High Point Fleet GPS Tracking integrates with the following business systems and applications:

  • Advantage PressurePro
  • ALK Technologies
  • Cirrus Link Solutions
  • Cummins
  • Didcom
  • EBE Technologies
  • Elite EXTRA
  • Fleetio
  • Garmin
  • GreenMile
  • mHelpDesk
  • Navistar OnCommand
  • Paragon
  • Profit Tools
  • ProMiles Software
  • RAM Mounting Systems
  • Rosco Vision
  • TMW Dispatch

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