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What is Justphonebook?

Justphonebook is an innovative way for people to manage, access, and share business contacts on the go, wherever they are in the world. Users of Justphonebook can easily create their own company phone book and store all contacts in a unified storage platform for effortless access and sharing.

Overview of Justphonebook Benefits

Justphonebook changes the way people manage their business contacts. The application lets you maintain all your contacts in a centralized phone book and automatically share it with your team, superiors, and co-workers. The app is accessible from anywhere, whether you are using a desktop or in the field using your Android, iOS, or Windows mobile device.

Justphonebook is integrated with powerful and fast search filters, enabling you to search for, add, edit and match contacts in your centralized phonebook. As everything is centralized, Justphonebook speeds up essential business processes such as talking to your contacts or organizing projects. It also has an offline functionality, allowing you to work even when you are not connected to the Internet and then have all the updated information synced to all devices.

Overview of Justphonebook Features

  • Easy setup
  • Group contacts by organization
  • Communicate campaigns to customers
  • Sync / AutoSync with external databases
  • Business card scan
  • Create lists of contacts
  • Add reminders to call someone
  • Design and send email/SMS campaigns
  • Leave personal notes to your team

What Problems Will Justphonebook Solve?

Scenario 1: George, a salesman in an IT Company, after a meeting wants to share a client’s contact info with his colleagues. As he is on the move, it is extremely difficult to access some kind of CRM system. So he uses Justphonebook so the info can be shared and automatically saved in CRM.

Feature: Team access; colleagues join the company phonebook and automatically get access to existing business contacts.

Scenario 2: Clara, a marketing manager in an advertising agency, wants to invite clients to an event but does not want to spend time searching and segmenting the company’s database and then use some campaign tool with a lot of steps to run the campaign. So she uses Justphonebook, selects favorite contacts, and then sends them an email campaign all through one platform.

Features: Favorites; contacts can be flagged as favorites from a user; SMS / email campaigns: Send SMS and email campaigns to your contacts.

Scenario 3. Andrew, a salesman in a software company, while being on the way to meet a client realizes that he has forgotten his business cards back at the office. No worries, he uses Justphonebook to send via email or SMS his info as a vcard instantly. In addition, he wants to share with the client his colleague engineer’s contact info that are saved as vcards as well.

Feature: share records via email / SMS; send contact information in vCard format.

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Justphonebook is one of the top 200
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Contact Management Software#31

Since each enterprise has unique business requirements, it is sensible for them to abstain from searching for a one-size-fits-all faultless software system. Needless to say, it would be useless to try to find such an app even among market-leading software platforms. The smart thing to do would be to catalog the various essential factors that require consideration such as required features, budget, skill levels of workers, company size etc. Then, you should do your homework thoroughly. Read some Justphonebook reviews and check out each of the other solutions in your shortlist in detail. Such in-depth homework can make sure you weed out ill-fitting applications and zero in on the app that provides all the aspects you require for business success.

How Much Does Justphonebook Cost?

Justphonebook Pricing Plans:

Justphonebook is a free service. You can also upgrade to a corporate account to enjoy premium features. Contact Justphonebook for more information on the pricing.

User Satisfaction

We realize that when you make a decision to buy Sales Software it’s important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also to find out if the real people and companies that buy it are actually satisfied with the product. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers customer reviews, comments and Justphonebook reviews across a wide range of social media sites. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with Justphonebook. With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.






Technical details

Devices Supported
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • Windows Mobile
Language Support
  • English
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • China
  • Germany
  • India
  • Japan
  • Latin America
  • Middle-East
Pricing Model
  • Free
  • Quote-based
Customer Types
  • Medium Business
  • SaaS
  • Cloud Hosted

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What are Justphonebook pricing details?

Justphonebook Pricing Plans:

Justphonebook is a free service. You can also upgrade to a corporate account to enjoy premium features. Contact Justphonebook for more information on the pricing.

What integrations are available for Justphonebook?

Justphonebook integrates with the following business systems and applications:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Outlook
  • O365

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