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What is LepideAuditor Suite?

LepideAuditor Suite is a centralized platform from which IT administrators can audit five different entities – Active Directory, Exchange Server, Group Policy Objects, SQL Server, and SharePoint. This application helps users enforce organizational security compliances and meet regulatory compliances like PCI, HIPAA, and GLBA.

The primary function of LepideAuditor Suite is change auditing. It offers Who, When, Where, and What details of every change in an easy-to-understand format. This app provides more than 270 built-in reports that tell everything about the changes that were done by different users on various objects at different times. You can instantly generate the reports, or can schedule them to be generated at specified times. LepideAuditor Suite offers a free trial for a limited period after which you can buy the full license.

Overview of LepideAuditor Suite Benefits

Real-time Concept: With real-time log collection, the software is capable of performing real-time change configuration auditing. The software sends real-time alerts through email to the intended recipients and notifications to LepideAuditor App.

Object Restoration: The software captures backup snapshots that save the state of Active Directory and Group Policy Objects periodically. These backup snapshots can be used later on to restore the state of these objects. Administrator can also restore the objects from tombstone state.

In-depth Reporting: There are more than 270 predefined audit reports with scheduling, filtration, customization and other auditing functions. Moreover, the software shows more than 90 graphs on the top trending configuration changes.

Health Monitoring: LepideAuditor Suite monitors the health of Active Directory, Exchange Server, and SQL Server. Any suspicious change in the server availability, resource consumption, or system services status is instantly notified to the recipients.

Overview of LepideAuditor Suite Features

Intelligent Change Auditing
  • Quickly see who, what, where and when changes are made
  • Audits systems even where audit logs aren’t available
  • Consolidate all audit logs to one central place
Powerful Auditing Radars
  • Radar tabs for all systems audited
  • Instantly see an enterprise view of who’s making changes and what’s being changed
  • Customizable views
  • Live change updates
Unparalleled Turnkey Reporting
  • Real-time and historical reporting of changes
  • Multiple report formats including graph and calendar views
  • Detailed change data provided in every report
  • Powerful filtering to isolate suspect changes
  • Schedule reports with filters to meet specific security or compliance needs
Granular Reporting
  • Alert on changes based on turnkey and custom reports
  • Apply filters based on specific users or specific objects
  • Receive alerts from the convenience of your mailbox and LepideAuditor App on your device
Web Console
  • Reports can be accessed by AD users through a browser
  • Freedom to select what reports a specific user can view
  • Web Server is powered with all features of “Audit Reports Tab”
Real-Time Alerting
  • No need to create new alerts – use existing reports as the basis for alerts
  • Powerful filtering ensures you are only alerted to the actions you deem important
  • Alerts are sent directly to your Inbox and LepideAuditor App installed on your device
LepideAuditor App
  • Real-time updates on your smartphone or tablet
  • Use QR-code to configure the application
  • Option to use custom server installed on your machine to receive updates
Centralized Audit Archiving
  • Archives are configured per system being audited
  • Long-term retention on a separate SQL Server database
  • Convenient Monthly or Weekly Automated Scheduling
  • Manually perform archives as needed
Intuitive Health Monitoring
  • Agentless Health Monitoring of Active Directory, Exchange, and SQL Server
  • Includes monitoring of servers, services and performance benchmarks
  • Predefined dashboards
  • Over 999+ customizable alerts

What Problems Will LepideAuditor Suite Solve?

Scanario 1: Auditing

The IT Auditor has to arrive on Monday. S/he will audit the server components to check the user actions, trails of configuration changes, and security loopholes. The Auditor will also track the user activities going on in the environment. The detailed reports of different categories are also required.

Features: LepideAuditor Suite performs the real-time auditing and stores the change audit logs for long-term usage in its database. The predefined audit reports can be customized, filtered, and grouped by.

Scenario 2: Objects Deleted

While creating a testing environment, two important user accounts get deleted by the Administrator mistakenly. They are now spending a complete day in looking for the tombstone state of these objects.

Features: LepideAuditor Suite creates the backup snapshots to save the state of Active Directory and Group Policy Objects in every 6 to 48 hours as per the selected schedule. The deleted and modified objects can be restored from these snapshots. Moreover, the software lets the administrator restore the deleted objects from the tombstone state.

Scenario 3: Services were stopped

The crucial services of SQL Server were stopped. As a result, SharePoint and other dependent server components stopped working. There was no system to notify the administrator instantly about this technical glitch.

Features: LepideAuditor Suite monitors the health of SQL Server, Active Directory, and Exchange. Any crucial changes influencing their health such as stopping of services or server unavailability are notified in real-time to the intended recipients through email in their inbox and notifications in LepideAuditor App.

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LepideAuditor Suite is one of the 50
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How Much Does LepideAuditor Suite Cost?

LepideAuditor Suite Pricing Plans:
Free trial
Full version

Pricing for LepideAuditor is done on a quote basis. There is a 15-day free trial available.

User Satisfaction

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Technical details

Devices Supported
  • Windows
Language Support
  • English
Pricing Model
  • One-time payment
Customer Types
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Cloud Hosted
  • On Premise

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What are LepideAuditor Suite pricing details?

LepideAuditor Suite Pricing Plans:
Free trial
Full version

Pricing for LepideAuditor is done on a quote basis. There is a 15-day free trial available.

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